100 Best Bollywood / Tollywood Babes in Hot Pants!!!

51. Payal Rohtagi

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52. Pia Bajpai

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53. Pooja Gupta

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54. Poonam Jhanwar 

Poonam Jhanwar hot thighs, Poonam Jhanwar sexy legs, Poonam Jhanwar hot legs, Poonam Jhanwar in short pants, Poonam Jhanwar in hot pants, Poonam Jhanwar masala pics, Poonam Jhanwar spicy photos, Poonam Jhanwar hottest pics, Poonam Jhanwar in yellow top


55. Poonam Pandey

Poonam Pandey in green hot pants, Poonam Pandey sexy legs, Poonam Pandey hot thighs photos, Poonam Pandey masala pics, Poonam Pandey spicy photos, Poonam Pandey sexy navel, Poonam Pandey hot back

56. Preity Zinta

Preity Zinta hot photos, Preity Zinta in orange top, Preity Zinta in mini skirt, Preity Zinta masala photos, Preity Zinta hot thighs, Preity Zinta sexy legs, Preity Zinta spicy photos


57. Priya Anand

Priya Anand in short pants, Priya Anand in green hot pants, Priya Anand sexy legs, Priya Anand hot thighs pics, Priya Anand masala photos, Priya Anand spicy pics, Priya Anand best pics

58. Priyamani

Priyamani thunder thighs, Priyamani hot sexy legs, Priyamani spicy thighs pics, Priyamani  in hot pants, Priyamani in mini skirt, Priyamani sexy phtoos, Priyamani in tight dress, Priyamani hot back pics

59. Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra in hot pants, Priyanka Chopra sexy legs, Priyanka Chopra hot in khatron ke khiladi, Priyanka Chopra in hot pants, Priyanka Chopra in tight jeans, Priyanka Chopra sexy navel, Priyanka Chopra jeans pants and yellow top, Priyanka Chopra in hot avatar, Priyanka Chopra navel pics, Priyanka Chopra masala photos


60. Priyanka Nisha Kothari

Priyanka Nisha Kothari hot thighs, Priyanka Nisha Kothari sexy legs, Priyanka Nisha Kothari hot legs photos, Priyanka Nisha Kothari in hot pants, Priyanka Nisha Kothari in short pants

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