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Vantage Point presents you TOP Hottest 50 Photos Ever of very sexy and seductive Amy Jackson. She has made her debut in Bollywood with movie Ek Deewana Tha with Pratik Babbar. Enjoy this hottie and don't forget to SHARE her pictures and RATE them. Thanks! [gallery columns="9" ids="6433,6395,6396,6399,6401,6403,6405,6407,6408,6409,6410,6411,6412,6413,6414,6415,6416,6417,6418,6419,6421,6423,6424,6425,6426,6428,6429,6430,6431,6432,6434,6435,6436,6437,6438,6439,6440,6441,6394,6397,6398,6400,6402,6427,6422,6420,6404,6406,6442,6443"]

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