4 Mobile games you must try if you love Teen Patti

4 Mobile games you must try if you love Teen Patti

Indian people love to gamble, but unlike the west where gambling is legal India does not enjoy the same freedom in the matters of gambling. Only the state of Goa and Sikkim, one can gamble legally.

Every state has different law regarding gambling. Even though there are various laws that exist state-wise, people still play a friendly game of poker or flush or roulette or rummy whenever possible, such is the fondness for gambling.

If one observes closely, while travelling by road or any other means of transport, one will find a group of people gathered and sitting in circle playing cards. Throwing the cards and placing bets, such is love for these games.

During Diwali especially in the northern part of India, people have card parties to celebrate this festival of light, and it has becomea fashion trendsetter of a sort, all thanks to the large than life Bollywood movies which we watch.

There are some of the popular card games which people play and place a bet on. People not only place a bet on card game but they place bet on various sports like cricket matches or football or basketball, to name a few.

Some of the sites review the games and comes up with their predictions and betting tips as they have done for the India – South Africa 3-match ODI. You should check the reviews first before betting your money in an online casino. There are reviews easily available on internet, you can check the bet365 betting review here.

The cricket betting is something which happens whenever there is a match, but for those enthusiasts who like to place the bet now and then, card games are the best option. Even though these card games are best enjoyed when played face to face.

However, these games are not very feasible to be played every time but, with the advancement of the technology people who love the game and would like to place a bet on Teen Patti can download certain mobile games and give it a try. Some of the popular mobile games are given below.

1. Teen Patti Live

This mobile game has a rating of 4.5 in the app download section. The features of this mobile game are that one can play and compete online with friends. There is no waiting for the table, which is a hassle most of the time while playing a mobile Teen Patti game. If the player does not want any unknown person to join the game, then they can play exclusively with their friends on a Private table. If one is bored playing one type of Teen Patti, then they can switch to Variation game mode. People who have downloaded Teen Patti Live also has the chance to play in a tournament as well.

2. Tubb Teen Patti

Tubb Teen Patti is also a popular teen Patti mobile game available to play. The app helps in playing variations of teen Patti with the real players. The exclusive and fun and interactive feature of this mobile game is that like emoticons it has Tubojis which are the exclusive emoticons of Tubb Teen Patti. Any player who referred anyone would get one million teen Patti chips as a part of the referral bonus. This mobile game of teen Patti has chat options wherein the players can chat privately and as a group as well.

3. Latest Teen Patti

This is another one of the Teen Patti mobile game with a rating of 4.4 in the mobile games download app. On downloading the latest teen Patti, the player will get 300,000 free chips and if the player connects with Facebook, then they ought to get 200,000 free chips. The rules of the latest teen Patti are very simple to understand. The graphic of this mobile game is so good that it will give a casino like experience while playing. Players ought to get 3000 additional chips every four hours.

4. Teen Patti Royal

Yet another Teen Patti mobile game with a ranking of 4.3 in the downloading app. In Teen Patti Royal the players get few chips every few minutes and also entitled to get the daily bonus chips. The different game mode available in Teen Patti Royal are Joker/Paplu, Muflis, AK47, JKQK, Classic Teen Patti, BLACKJACK. All modes with or without internet. The players can track their performance through the statistics that this mobile game app provides. Additionally, the players can avail VIP Memberships and enjoy the benefits that come with it.

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