Best mobile casino games Android users shouldn’t miss out

Best mobile casino games Android users shouldn't miss out

Many people like to gamble in India. However, gambling is illegal here but, people openly gamble only during Diwali and at times during the festival of Holi.

Although people gamble in these festivals mainly as a tradition or due to the larger than life movies or television portrayal, apart from these occasional festival gamblers, there are some closet gamblers who like to place bets and try their luck now and then.

India does not have a place like Las Vegas, where in every nook and corner one will find a casino. Unlike the west, in India, there are approximately 20-21 licensed casinos, the maximum being in Goa. And not everyone can go to Goa whenever they feel like placing the bets and earn some money.

This constraint in the betting circuit has been taken advantage of, and the fabulous minds developed a new way to gamble, which enables the person to place the bet without going anywhere. This is done through the humble mobile phone which nowadays everybody owns.

The tapping of this market has resulted in much traffic on the site, and this has encouraged people to develop more and more mobile casino games to play. As the majority of the players are Android users, there are quite a few mobile casino games which have been developed for them. Some of the mobile casino games which interested people should download are mentioned below.

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The name Roulette is derived from the French word the little wheel. It is a casino game which is now available as a mobile casino. You can find and enjoy different types of Roulette games in https:/ Once the player login in the game, they are ready to place the bet. Select the type of bet one want to place. Once the bet is placed click on the Spin button on the mobile phone and wait for the result of the spin. If the result of the spin resulted in the player to win the game, then the payouts would be based on the type and the size of the bet they have placed.


Blackjack is one casino game amongst the Android users, which is loved by both, amateurs and experienced players. Playing Blackjack in the Android mobile application has its advantage as the players are playing as per their comfort. However, they are getting an ample amount of time to think about the next move they are going to make. This freedom is unavailable when one goes to an actual casino and play Blackjack. As the dealing done in a casino are quite fast and hence the player most of the time do not have the time to think about their next move.


Poker is another popular casino game which Android user can play. There are apps which allow the player to play with real money. These apps are safe and secure to play. Certain apps have various options to choose from like whether the player wants to play a tournament, or cash games or zoom poker to name a few options. In some apps players allow the players to chat with each other, replay hands or search the features of the players they are playing against them. Another quirky feature that some of the mobile poker games provide is the players can make their avatar and play.


Slots are one of the most popular mobile casino games of all time. Furthermore, it is not surprising that there are numerous slot machine games which are available in a mobile game. The slot machine casino game is one of the most accessible games to use in android phones. There are only two things required for playing the slot machine games, first is a good internet connection and the second requirement is a good bandwidth. The slot machine is considered to be one of the most addictive mobile casino games in android phones.

Although there are many advantages of mobile casino games like it is convenient to use, one can play these casino games while waiting for someone or travelling on a train and all. While playing the casinos at times give specific bonus which is available only for the players using the mobile applications. However, one has to be careful and limit the playtime of these games so that it does not become an addiction. Hence, the saying one should have everything in limit holds here.

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