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Vantage Point presents you some exotic photos of Savita Bhabhi of Internet Divyaa Dwivedi. Her birth name is Rekha Kumari. She is most popular for her portrayal of satirical version of Savita Bhabi whose character was adapted from an animated pornographic series of the same name.

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Divyaa Dwivedi Biography / Profile / About

Divyaa Dwivedi is from Ranchi, Bihar. She started her career in the entertainment world with a local radio station and convincing the station manager to read her poetry live alongside some other local senior poets. The manager was impressed by her and let her do it and, it was not long after this that she set aside her dream of being a doctor to pursue a career in Indian film and television.

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She has worked in several languages including Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil, Telegu, Kanada, Gujarati, Marathi, and her native dialect Bhojpuri. She has also been a vocal critic of the Bhojpuri film industry in particular for the way in which it continues to portray Indian women.

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Later in 2009 because of her interest in doing comedy she took part in an experimental Internet television series called Jai Hindi, where she played a satirical version of Savita Bhabi whose character was adapted from an animated pornographic series of the same name.

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In 2013 Divyaa married a Canadian and continues to maintain a busy schedule of smaller film roles and appearances in noteworthy television serials in India.

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