Uppaluri K&H Personalized Medicine Clinic, successfully Unveils AI platform – GeneConnectRx, for big data analytics and drug discovery!

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Hyderabad, January 5th, 2024Uppaluri K&H Personalized Medicine Clinic Pvt Ltd., unveiled GeneConnectRx, an innovative AI platform from GenepoweRx, the diagnostic wing of the group. This revolutionary initiative in personalized medicine marks a paradigm shift, empowering healthcare providers to customize treatments based on individual genetic makeup. Padma Bhushan Dr. D Nageshwar Reddy, Chairman and Chief of Gastroenterology at AIG Hospitals; launched the initiative and contributed his invaluable expertise. Mr. Penmetsa Venkata Subba Raju, Vice Chairman of AIG Hospitals; Prof. Ch Mohan Rao, CSIR – Distinguished Scientist and Former Director, Centre for Cellular & Molecular Biology (CCMB); Dr. Kalyan Uppaluri and Hima J Challa, founders of K&H clinics and pioneers behind GeneConnectRx, graced the occasion.


GeneConnectRx represents the collaborative efforts of a multidisciplinary team comprising computational scientists, molecular biologists, bioinformaticians, and chemoinformaticians. Over two years, this team identified drug targets for complex medical conditions.

Dr. Nageshwar Reddy commented,

“Personalized medicine must become standard practice in every hospital. Focused research in this space is crucial to provide accurate, effective, and affordable personalized medicine products to all individuals.”

Dr. Vinayender Tulla added,

“GeneConnectRx holds the potential to revolutionize drug discovery by decoding genetic information, enabling targeted and personalized therapies for more effective treatments.”

“GeneConnectRx is poised to revolutionize AI-based drug discovery, propelling precision medicine. Our ongoing efforts focus on validating drug targets for Brain Cancer, Monogenic Diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, High Cholesterol, and Autism. Our process patent application reflects our dedication to innovation,” expressed Dr. Kalyan Uppaluri from GenepoweRx.

“Our collaboration with AIG Hospitals has resulted in groundbreaking initiatives like AIG’s pharmacogenomics study. GeneConnectRx integrates internal data, global resources, and cutting-edge models to forecast potential molecules for revolutionary drug discovery,” highlighted Dr. Hima Challa.

Ultimately, GeneConnectRx serves as the bridge connecting genetic data to diseases, identifying targets, and paving the way for potential cures.

“GeneConnectRx is set to revolutionize AI-based drug discovery and treatment options, marking a significant leap forward in the realm of precision medicine. We are actively working on validating drug targets for Brain Cancer, Monogenic Diabetes, Parkinsons Disease, High Cholesterol, Autism. We applied for a process patent on our analytic pipeline”, said Dr. Kalyan Uppaluri, GenepoweRx

Ultimately, GeneConnectRx connects genetic data to disease, identify targets and develop pathways towards finding cures.

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