Nimrat Kaur Sexy Photoshoot for GQ Magazine

Nimrat Kaur Sexy Photoshoot for GQ Magazine

Vantage Point presents you Nimrat Kaur Sexy Photoshoot for GQ Magazine, This Hot summer time of year of April is also the time you have to be careful of getting your copy of GQ Magazine. The cover is going to be scorched by the hot actress Nirmat Kaur who has done a photo Shoot for the magazine. Be warned, the generally girly Nimrat is on the cover looking so hot, you’re bound to feel the heat!

Nirmat Kaur on GQ Magazine Cover
Cover Photo of GQ Magazine April 2015 Edition

The actress is looking dazzling in a latex, low cut dress from Atsuko Kudo, Kaur definitely needs to experiment with those curls more often! Sexy is not the word to describe how she looks.
Here’s what GQ India‘s Deputy Editor Dave Besseling had to say, ”Nimrat is not some family-friendly Saturday-afternoon sylph. Distill our fascination down to its essence, its “Nirmat Kaur”, and quite simply, we love her because she’s a real woman. She’s over 30. She’s lived. She’s had some hard times. There’s none of this youth/fame disagreement that presages the graceless fall of a career ripe before its time. She’s a big girl, she knows what she’s doing, and when you look her in the eyes there’s plenty more than your own reflection staring back. She’s the thinking man’s movie star.”

If you remember the bubbly and cheerful girl from Kumar Sanu’s music video Tera Mera Pyaar & Yeh Kya Hua Tere Mere Pyaar ki Batein?, Yes ! that girl was Nirmat Kaur. The Dairy Milk girl has come a long way! The sweet and naturally graceful looking actress in town.

The actress is seen in few continuous mug shots with her curly brown colored hair falling across her face as she is seen having great fun in between the shots. The snaps have been timed perfectly and hence we can give full points for the snaps.

She looks jaw-dropping hot in the low-cut black latex dress from the label Atsuko Kudo and her sexy curls add on to the almost unrecognizable look. The dress highlights her sexy figure and the 33 year old actress oomphs up the cover!

The caption on the cover of the GQ Magazine under her cover photo states – From Lunchbox to Homeland, GQ’S NEW FAVORITE GIRL! Though she has acted in a handful of movies, Nirmat’s acting chops has impressed all, not only nationally but even internationally.
In this photoshoot The bedroom look of her eyes is quite diverse from what we had seen in the movie, “The Lunchbox” that was the critically acclaimed and cherished film in the year 2013, where she played a simple Mumbaikar housewife. Now, the actress is starring in Showtimes TV Series, “Homeland”. In the series, she is seen playing the role of an ISI Agent, named Tasneem Qureshi.

Now this is what Nimrat Kaur has done with her career and we too are glad that she is trying out fresh and challenging roles instead of becoming lost in the bright neon lights.

What do you think about Nimrat’s glammed-up look?

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