10 Surgeries In A Row Performed On Need Patients By ENT Department Of Kohinoor Hospital Kurla, Mumbai


Mumbai: To provide affordable treatment to the needy patients, Dr Sanjay Helale, ENT Surgeon and Head of Department from Kohinoor Hospital Kurla performed various surgeries like ruptured eardrums, damaged ear bones, sinus, and thyroid on 10 patients on the same day. 

All these surgeries were partly funded by the HCP-ENT Charitable Trust.

Ear, Nose, and Throat problems are often interconnected, and many people neglect them. Hence, they encounter serious issues such as temporary hearing loss, eardrums perforation, dizziness, sinus. 

Ear pain may increase if one fails to seek treatment at the right time.  If it is too late then surgery is the last resort. But not everyone can afford the cost of the surgery. In such circumstances, efforts have been taken by the hospital to provide timely intervention to the patients. 

The hospital has come forward to help needy patients in association with the charitable trust by performing essential surgeries.

Dr Sanjay Helale, ENT Surgeon and Head of Department at Kohinoor Hospital Kurla, highlighted, 

“Doctors are the backbone of the healthcare system. Keeping this in mind, we try to provide 24/7 service to the patients. To help patients get back on track, we carried out various successful surgeries on 10 patients within a day via charitable trust. The patients have recovered and are happy to resume their daily routine.”

Dr Helale added, 

“Many patients avoid coming to the hospital and seeking treatment owing to the financial crisis. The patient’s condition can worsen if he/she neglects the symptoms and doesn’t take appropriate treatment. Hence, a few years ago, the hospital took this special initiative to make ear surgeries available to needy patients at a low cost.”

Patients Majid Qureshi, son of Afia Qureshi said, 

“My mother has been suffering from thyroid problems for the last several months. She was treated by a local doctor. But there was no improvement in her Condition. Her neck was swollen. On our doctor’s advice, we called Dr Sanjay Helale for treatment. Doctors said there was no option but surgery. The surgery was expected to cost Rs 80,000. But, with the help of doctors, the surgery has been 50 percent funded through the charitable trust, making the burden of patient less. Now, the mother’s condition has improved, and she has been discharged.”

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