5 Female Characters From the House of Pooja Entertainment That Left us With Life Lessons

Over years in Bollywood, women have played a wide spectrum of roles ranging from the perfect submissive woman trope to recently gaining power and portraying the strong, fierce and independent woman we so admire! On this Women’s Day, we put together a list of 5 female characters from India’s leading production House Pooja Entertainment, who have not only entertained us throughout but also have given a strong message with each of their showcase!

5 Female Characters From the House of Pooja Entertainment That Left us With Life Lessons

Tia in Jawaani Jaaneman

A 40 year-old man’s life turns upside down when he comes to know that he has a 20 something year-old daughter. Starring Saif Ali Khan, Tabu and Alaya F, the film soared high with its comic timing, some crackling scenes amalgamated with light tone life lessons. The effervescent Alaya F made her debut as Tia, a young, independent, non-judgemental girl who is in search of her father. She finds out, she is pregnant with her boyfriend’s child, but instead of freaking out she accepts her situation and looks for the best solution. Tia had an ease about her, honest, vulnerable and most importantly she taught us to be more accepting of others and willing to learn from our mistakes. Tia embraces life with her own flaws and mistakes done in the past to move on for a better future.

Reena In RHTDM

The cult classic ‘Rehnaa Hai Terre Dil Mein’ released two decades ago and made a permanent place in our hearts. From its heart tugging, soulful music to the sizzling chemistry between the leads, R Madhavan and Dia Mirza, the film made us believe in love at first sight. However, it was the character of the much in love Reena  Malhotra that taught us that you can hold your own even without freaking out or losing your mind. She was the quintessential Indian women, who had her values in place but knew how to take a stand for herself. She held her own even in times of emotional mayhem and refused to be intimidated by either the situation or the people around her with dignity. Even after two decades these qualities remain utmost important in a woman’s life.

Radhika Kapoor in Bell Bottom

Bell Bottom was the story of an undercover agent code-named ‘Bellbottom’, who begins a covert mission to free 210 hostages held by hijackers. The film was led by superstar Akshay Kumar and was backed by a superlative ensemble cast. Vani Kapoor played the character of Radhika Malhotra, a RAW agent and Akshay Kumar’s wife. Radhika is level-headed and centred. She is a dutiful and responsible wife but is also driven and ambitious. Radhika taught us to manage personal and professional life with ease. Women do not need to give up their personal lives to pursue their professional goals. She taught us to juggle personal ambitions along with managing household responsibilities with elan.

Pooja Khanna from Biwi no 1

Iconic film ‘Biwi No 1’ showed how a wife (Karisma Kapoor) can go to any lengths and fight all odds to for her children. She is a trustworthy wife but when things are not going her away, she adapts to the situation and takes control of the situation and puts up a brave front. Her character in the movie is shown with a complete arc and how she saves her marriage and Karisma Kapoor gave her career’s best performance where she was headlining the film with superstars Salman Khan and Anil Kapoor.

Jassi in the upcoming Ganpath

Ganpath is 2023’s most awaited film. It’s a one-of-a kind dystopian action thriller starring actors Tiger Shroff and Kriti Sanon. While the rumour mills are abuzz with what the film will be, how it will be Tiger Shroff’s most challenging role of his career, something that stood out was the look reveal of Kriti. A young, confident Kriti on a bike made headlines and a bold statement. Kriti will play the character of Jassi and by the looks of it, she will be the outdoing, assertive yet cool female. We can’t wait to see the film and meet the dynamic Jassi.

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