Alia Bhatt Photoshoot for The Glass Magazine for the October 2023 Edition

Alia Bhatt Photoshoot for The Glass Magazine for the October 2023 Edition. She is looking absolutely gorgeous in each style and photo of this shoot.

Alia Bhatt

Few actors have been able to achieve a level of global recognition comparable to Alia Bhatt. She is renowned as a cultural icon in Bollywood and is a rising star in Hollywood. At only 30 years old, our first autumn cover star has garnered over 80 million followers, been named a Gucci ambassador, and won five Filmfare awards. Bhatt’s popularity is unquestionable.  

She appeared in four feature-length films that won awards internationally in 2022 alone, with RRR, in which she played a lead role, being among India’s biggest hits of the year and garnering an Oscar and a Golden Globe.

But despite her atmospheric success, Bhatt’s head is far from being in the clouds. “It’s very difficult for me to make small talk or be manicured and social. To me, either have a real conversation or don’t have a conversation”.

She reflects to Glass in an open conversation after a fan inquires about her ability to “keep it all together.” “Who told you that I keep it all together, I was like? I choose to be happy, positive, and to present myself in a certain way. I want to concentrate on the positive,” Bhatt says.

“That doesn’t mean things aren’t wrong. It doesn’t mean I don’t have difficult days. You are constantly evolving as a person and your mind is constantly evolving. There’s so much pressure to be happy”. 

It’s not surprising that Bhatt keeps growing in stature as a global icon given her commitment to sincerity, decency, and devotion in everything she does.

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