Amy Jackson & Chiyaan Vikram Superhot Stills from Movie Ai / I (2015)

Director Shankar’s latest release ‘I’ is a treat to watch. Cinematography by P C Sreeram is the USP of this movie. Every frame of this movie is stunning. Specially wherever Amy Jackson is coming on screen she is looking extremely beautiful.

Amy Jackson with Vikram on Boad in Green Dress in Movie Ai or I (2015)_VPTitle: I ( 2014)
Cast: Vikram, Amy Jackson, Upen Patel, Suresh Gopi
Director: Shankar
Producer: V Ravichandran, D Ramesh Babu
Music: A R Rahman
Cinematography: P C Sreeram
Editor: Llewellyn Anthony Gonslaves
Writer: Shankar, Subha
Production Banner: Aascar Film Pvt Ltd
Release Date: 14-Jan-2014
Run Time: 3 Hours 6 Minutes

‘I’ opens with a Disfigured Man (Vikram) abducting Diya (Amy Jackson) at the time of her wedding. Here comes the flashback – Lingesha (Vikram), a ferocious body-builder, who aspires to bag Mr.India title gets trapped in the glamorous world of advertisement. What were the consequences he has to face and how he takes revenge on the people responsible forms the rest of the story.
Amy Jackson: She has got amazing screen presence and looks stunningly gorgeous throughout the course of the movie. Her attitude and chemistry with Vikram were a must watch. Visuals are top notch and the entire credit should definitely go to Shankar for thinking something different and in a grand scale. All the songs have been shot well and production values are superb.
Vikram: He has given his heart, body and 3-years of his life for ‘I’. May be, No other Indian actor would have gone to this extent for the sake of a single project. Vikram is undoubtedly one of the biggest assets of the film. The efforts that he has put in for his role are clearly visible on screen. He is outstanding as a body builder, and pushes the edge with his appearance and acting as the hunchback guy. The way he has showcased pain and grief even with his heavy make up is just wonderful. He is just flawless in ‘I’ – Accomplishes the task of multiple makeovers perfectly, Performs brilliantly in roles which offer huge scope and Exhibits excellence in action blocks. Hats off to him.

Technical Aspects: ‘I’ is a brilliant film technically. A R Rahman’s music is good and so is the background score. As said earlier, the make up and prosthetics used for Vikram’s character are mind blowing. P C Sreeram’s camerawork is stunning and gives the film an international look. All the episodes that are shot in China have been shot beautifully.

The sets designed and scale of the movie is surely up to Shankar’s standard. Telugu dubbing is decent and so are the dialogues. Screenplay by Shanakar lacks focus in many areas as you do not get attached to film emotionally. The way Vikram’s character goes about taking revenge on his enemies in the first half have been hurried up and is unclear.

Rahman’s music is average. Not up to the standards of his previous works done for Shankar’s films.

Verdict: Despite narrating the story in spaced flashback method, the screenplay hardly engages you due to its predictability. The techniques used by Vikram for taking revenge are not at all effective. Except for the brilliant performance of Vikram, there is nothing to admire about this poorly executed film. Shankar tried to explain everything in detail which is absolutely not necessary. This film disappoints on many levels as it comes from the master filmmaker. We could understand some mediocre director to make such lackluster movie, but coming from Shankar, I will hurt you even more.

Check out some of the best photos from the movie :

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