Anupriya Goenka Interview: In a conversation with Mihir Joshi, Actress opens up about her life

Actress Anupriya Goenka Interview with Mihir Joshi is live now where she shares her journey from her early days in the industry to her collaboration with Pradeep Sarkar, the actress sat down for a real candid conversation.

Mihir Joshi with Actress Anupriya Goenka

Anupriya Goenka, the talented Indian actress, who has always proven her talent on screen recently sat down for an engaging conversation with Mihir Joshi on The MJ Show. The interview streamed on YouTube, delved into Goenka’s career and personal life, providing insights into her journey as an actress

Anupriya Goenka Interview with Mihir Joshi

Goenka, who has starred in a number of successful Bollywood films, including “Padmaavat,” “War,” and “Tiger Zinda Hai,” shared her experiences and challenges in the film industry. She also touched upon her preparation process for various roles, her approach to selecting projects, and the importance of storytelling in films. She revealed how working with Pradeep Sarkar has changed her life and the ways she consumes industry and acting in general.

Throughout the interview, Goenka’s passion for acting and her craft shone through, as she shared her life experiences and personal challenges candidly. Her conversation with Mihir Joshi was indeed insightful and inspiring, providing a glimpse into the life of a successful actor in the Indian film industry. They shared a similar love for music, particularly the rock band “The Beatles,” as well as their love for the city of dreams Mumbai. Mihir also shared his experiences of being born and brought up in the city, and how it has many sides to it that unfold with each adventure.

The interview has already garnered significant attention on YouTube, the show has successfully completed 10 Years bringing on some super-talented guests on board. Mihir had several interesting conversations over the seasons and this season he ensures to bring more interesting stories for his audience. This season kick-started with the famous content creator #JustNeelThings and promises to bring you more entertaining conversations. The show is undoubtedly a must-see for fans who want to get to know their favorite artists personally and follow their inspiring journeys. Mihir does each episode justice by incorporating a range of emotions and motivating elements.

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