Anushka Shetty in Size Zero (2015): Embracing Self-Love: A Review of the Movie

Actress Anushka Shetty in Size Zero (2015): Embracing Self-Love: A Review of the poignant film that addresses societal pressures on body image and weight loss.

Anushka Shetty in Size Zero (2015) Movie


“Size Zero” (2015), starring Anushka Shetty, is a poignant film that addresses societal pressures on body image and weight loss. Directed by Prakash Kovelamudi, the movie offers a refreshing take on the conventional romantic comedy genre, focusing on self-love and acceptance.

Stellar Performances:

Anushka Shetty delivers a stellar performance as Sweety, a plus-sized woman who faces constant criticism and discrimination because of her weight. Shetty effortlessly captures the vulnerability and strength of her character, bringing depth and authenticity to the role. Her portrayal is both endearing and empowering, resonating with audiences who have struggled with body image issues.

Supporting Cast:

The supporting cast, including Arya, Sonal Chauhan, and Prakash Raj, delivers commendable performances, adding layers to the narrative with their nuanced portrayals. Arya shines as Abhi, Sweety’s love interest, portraying his character with charm and sincerity. Sonal Chauhan impresses as Simran, Sweety’s superficial and judgmental cousin, effectively highlighting the contrast between inner and outer beauty. Prakash Raj delivers a memorable performance as Satyanand, Sweety’s supportive and loving father, infusing the film with warmth and humor.

Compelling Story:

The film’s story is its strongest aspect, offering a compelling exploration of societal norms and prejudices. It sensitively addresses issues of body shaming, self-esteem, and the unrealistic standards of beauty perpetuated by the media and society. The screenplay strikes a perfect balance between humor and drama, seamlessly blending light-hearted moments with poignant reflections on self-worth and acceptance.

Skillful Direction:

Prakash Kovelamudi’s direction is commendable, as he navigates the film’s sensitive subject matter with sensitivity and finesse. He effectively captures the emotional journey of the characters, immersing the audience in their struggles and triumphs. The film’s pacing is steady, allowing for moments of introspection and character development to unfold naturally.

Captivating Cinematography and Music:

Cinematographer Nirav Shah’s visual storytelling enhances the film’s narrative, capturing the vibrancy of the characters’ world with vivid colors and picturesque landscapes. The music by M. M. Keeravani complements the film’s tone, evoking a range of emotions and enhancing the overall viewing experience.


In conclusion, “Size Zero” is a heartwarming and thought-provoking film that challenges societal norms and celebrates self-acceptance. Anchored by Anushka Shetty’s powerhouse performance and supported by a talented cast and crew, the film offers a powerful message of empowerment and self-love. It is a must-watch for audiences of all ages, reminding us that true beauty lies in embracing ourselves for who we are.

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