Best 25 Iconic Quotes About MS Dhoni Which Proofs Why He is Called CAPTAIN COOL!

| 15 | Harsha Bhogle

Harsha Bhogle about ms dhoni
Harsha Bhogle, Well Known Indian Commentator

“If DHONI plays till the end, one thing is for sure…HE WILL MAKE HIS TEAM WIN.” – Harsha Bhogle

| 14 | Mahela Jayawardene

Mahela Jayawardene, Well Known Cricketer of Sri Lanka

“One inch here and there and a guy like Dhoni could take you apart. He is a great finisher, he is cool and calm and backs himself. He is a strong character.” – Mahela Jayawardene

| 13 | Sania Mirza


Sania Mirza, World Famous Tennis Star of India

“I pray that a Tennis Player should emerge from Ranchi as MS Dhoni emerged for Cricket.”  – Sania Mirza

| 12 | Wasim Akram

Wasim Akram, Former Pakistani Fast Bowler

“He has evolved as a leader, not just as a cricketer. In my opinion, if you see his records, he is definitely the best captain India ever had.” – Wasim Akram

| 11 | VVS Laxman


VVS Laxman, One of Best Test Cricket Player of India

“He has that uniqueness to respond to a tough situation with ease. He does not involve himself much emotionally, and that’s his quality. India are lucky to have a captain like Dhoni.” – VVS Laxman

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