100 Best Bollywood / Tollywood Babes in Hot Pants!!!

Vantage Point listing here 100 Best Bollywood Babes in Hot Pants. We brought you latest fashion trends in hot pants & shorts. Hot pants are extremely short shorts that were designed to be worn as dressy clothing for women. Many fashion experts see hot pants as a natural development of the rising miniskirt. Skirts became so short that they exposed the underwear, so a sort of formal short pair of shorts, known as short shorts, came into style. The new shorts were considered shocking and slightly naughty, and Women’s Wear Daily, an influential fashion magazine, gave them the name hot pants. Unlike ordinary shorts, hot pants were usually made from formal fabrics such as velvet, satin, or leather.

Bollywood bombshells surely know how to raise temperature. Be it dusky beauty Bipasha Basu or leggy Deepika Padukone, all of them have gone bold and posed in ultra short and hot pants. Apart from photoshoots, these beauties have also sported these sexy hot pants in movies.Check it out here and let us know who is hottest among these?

100 Best Bollywood / Tollywood Babes in Hot Pants

bollywood actress in hot pants

So, Here we go, Just for your knowledge, This List is in Alphabetically order not in order of hotness 😉

01. Aditi Rao Haydri

Aditi Rao Haydri in Sexy Hot Pants, hot sexy legs of Aditi Rao Haydri
Aditi Rao Haydri in Sexy White Hot Pants

This is how you should look in summers if you going for a ride in yacht. Aditi is looking super cool in white hot pants and funky plain shirt with little sea jewellery. 😉 |  Buy From Here

02. Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt in Sexy Hot Pants, alia bhatt in short dress, alia bhatt sexy legs, alia bhatt thigh show
Alia Bhatt in Sexy Hot Pants

Gorgeous Alia Bhatt knows to look cool even in casuals, look how she matched her shirt with her hot pants and those sunglasses are just complimenting the whole look. |Buy Here

03. Ameesha Patel

Ameesha Patel sexy legs, ameesha patel in white hot pants, ameesha patel thighs
Ameesha Patel in Sexy White Hot Pants

Ameesha Patel in Stunning sleeveless top and white hot pants. | Buy From Here

04. Amrita Arora

Amrita Arora in Sexy Black Hot Pants, amrita arora sexy legs, amrita arora thighs
Amrita Arora in Sexy Black Hot Pants

Buy From Here

05. Amrita Rao

amrita rao in short dress, amrita rao sexy legs, amrita rao thighs
Amrita Rao in Sexy Hot Pants in Song of Movie Shortcut

See how famous as next door girl Amrita Rao is raising the temperature with her hot looks in this song from movie Shortcut in this shining blue hot pants. |Buy From Here

06. Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma hot navel, anushka sharma wet photos, anushka sharma in yellow bikini, anushka sharma in white short pants,
Anushka Sharma in Sexy White Hot Pants in Movie Badmash Company

Planning to going to beach to play Volleyball? Well, if you are not comfortable in Bikini then this style of Anushka Sharma you might consider to adapt. See how hot she is looking in that yellow bikini top and white hot pants. | Buy From Here

07. Asin

Asin in white hot pants, Asin hot thighs, Asin hot sexy legs
Asin in Sexy White Hot Pants

We just love this combination of pink jacket with denim shorts of Asin. Super cool !!! | Buy Jacket Here

08. Bipasha Basu

Bipasha Basu in short pants, Bipasha Basu gym dress, Bipasha Basu navel show, Bipasha Basu fit body, Bipasha Basu in short dress
Bipasha Basu in Sexy Hot Pants

See how Bipasha using Hot Pants for workout in gym and no need to say, she is looking super fit. | Buy From Here

09. Bruna Abdullah

Bruna Abdullah hot back, Bruna Abdullah in short dress, Bruna Abdullah sexy legs, Bruna Abdullah in red bra
Bruna Abdullah in Sexy Hot Pants

10. Celina Jaitley

Celina Jaitley sexy thighs, Celina Jaitley sexy legs, Celina Jaitley in short dress
Celina Jaitley in Sexy Denim Hot Pants

Want to get ready for an urgent event very fast, just pick any shirt from your wardrobe and roll your sleeves and just wear any denim shorts with any funky sandals or shoes you have. Boom! you are good to go. | Buy Gas Women’s Denim Shorts

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