Bombae Rollplay Razor – The Company launches playful campaign for the launch of its newest razor feat. Alaya F

Get smooth, get rolling: Bombae launches a playful campaign for the launch of its newest Bombae Rollplay Razor .

Alaya F in Bambai Rollplay Razor

Bombae, the innovative women’s hair removal brand, has launched its latest innovation. This one-of-a-kind razor, aptly named Rollplay, is designed to revolutionize the way women shave. Its unique roller technology glides over curves and contours, ensuring a safe and smooth shave every time. The razor’s ergonomic and luxurious handle glides on skin like a dancer, making it easy to maneuver even in hard-to-reach areas, with grace and ease.

Designed with women in mind, Rollplay is crafted with a patented ROLATEKTM technology for faster, easier and smoother shaves. Encased in a 360-degree soothing and nourishing band of aloe and vitamin E, this razor deeply hydrates skin after every shave. But that’s not all. It is made of recycled ocean plastic and comes with a magic holder to hold the razor high and dry on one’s bathroom wall.


Bombae is known for taking multiple unconventional routes to normalize & celebrate women’s body hair – from never-seen-before imagery of body hair, to showing women “actually” using the products to celebrating womanhood by breaking hairy barriers. The brand has again taken a very different route for its latest “Get smooth, get rolling” campaign. The campaign celebrates the joy of smooth shaving and positions it as an extremely luxurious and indulgent experience.

To bring the campaign to life, brand has partnered with the playful and free-spirited Alaya F who takes us on a journey into a world of rolls and smoothness. The ambassador, known for her love of contemporary dance and exploration, shows us how Rollplay’s razor takes one to a whole new dimension of smoothness and delight.

“Shaving doesn’t have to be a chore or a source of discomfort,” Siddha Jain, Chief Business Officer, Bombae.

” And when it comes to innovation for the razor segment, most of the investments are towards the men’s razors. With Rollplay razor, we have reimagined not just the process of shaving as a functionality, but also added some well-deserved fun in it, quite literally!”, she joked. “We believe Rollplay is the iPhone of razors and everybody can experience the joy of smoothness and the freedom to be themselves, and rollplay on their terms, pun intended! Everything about this razor is unique. From its hypnotic unboxing experience to the fact that it has a roller to its uber hypnotic film. Our brand ambassador perfectly embodies this spirit of playfulness and delight, and we’re thrilled to have her on board for this campaign.”

The campaign, conceptualized by Talented agency, features a series of playful and whimsical videos and images, showcasing the brand ambassador’s journey into a world of dancing rolls and smoothness. The imagery is colorful, vibrant, and fun, inviting women to join in on the fun and experience the joy of smooth shaving. The song ‘Irradon’ by Lifafa, adds to the vibrant and playful vibe of the film.

Ecstatic with the launch, Alaya F said,

“I am truly honored to be the face of such an innovative brand. I am the biggest fan of all their products and a literal ambassador for Bombae. After watching this film, I am sure everyone will be excited to explore the world of smooth skin with this razor.”

To support the launch, the brand has also launched a 360-degree communications campaign, starting with a digital film featuring Bombae’s brand ambassador – Alaya F. The film commences with a pan-shot of Alaya in the bathtub reaching out to pick Rollplay Pro razor that is mounted on the wall. After the first glide, she transitions into a different world where she is performing a contemporary dance. The visuals in the film bank entirely on ‘rolling’, with a subtle signification to the USPs of the product – unique roller for smooth flow and all-round moisture brand. The video also showcases how one stroke of the razor leads to a series of beautiful, hypnotic events with Alaya dancing and ‘rolling’ – suggesting faster, smoother & easier usage. Unlike the usual drudgery of women’s razor ads, where everything is set up to get to the shaving part, this one indulges and celebrates the experience in a sensual and hypnotic way. The digital film will be aired on Bombae’s YouTube channel and will also be promoted across digital platforms.

“We want women to know that shaving can be a positive and empowering experience,” said Siddha. “With Rollplay’s razor, you can feel confident and beautiful in your skin, and our campaign is all about celebrating that.”

The “Get smooth, get rolling” campaign will launch on social media, featuring the brand ambassador’s journey and tips for achieving the perfect shave. Rollplay razors will be available for purchase on the brand’s website and select online retailers.

Rollplay Pro is now available on the brand’s website MyBombae and on all online marketplaces – Amazon, Nykaa, Flipkart.

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