Dr Debraj Shome Becomes the First Indian Surgeon to Deliver a Talk at Kolkhida 2021, one of Europe’s largest aesthetic conferences

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Kolkhida 2021, one of Europe’s largest aesthetic conferences recently conducted and Dr Debraj Shome becomes the first Indian surgeon to deliver a talk at it.

dr debraj shome

Mumbai: 15th International Caucasian Congress Kolkhida 2021 was a hybrid event conducted on July 2-4.

It is one of the prestigious events wherein experts across the globe delivered talks on the latest advances and breakthroughs in the field of cosmetic surgery.

It is a proud moment for the country as Dr. Debraj Shome is the only Indian Surgeon to be accorded this honor.

Kolkhida congress offered doctors a platform for knowledge sharing and networking. It is one of the best platforms to learn and grow as an individual.

The 15th Kolkhida was held both online and offline owing to the pandemic. It was a semi-virtual congress keeping in mind the safety of all the members who were a part of it. 

Expert insights were provided on the most up-to-date techniques practiced by the top professionals. The sessions were attended by world-class plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and aesthetic physicians from all around the world. The conference was a huge hit and witnessed a large number of participants.

Dr Debraj Shome, one of the most eminent Cosmetic Surgeons in India and the only surgeon from Asia to be American Board Certified in Facial Cosmetic Surgery said, 

“My joy knew no bounds when I was informed that I have to deliver a talk in this congress. It was like a dream come true. I was always looking forward to doing so.  I am elated that I got an opportunity to do so as it is one of the most renowned conferences in Europe. I spoke about combination therapies for mid-face rejuvenation, and I thoroughly enjoyed the session. This congress helped me connect to the experts from all over the world and I got to learn many new things from them.”

Dr. Shome added, 

“There were many other interesting sessions conducted on reconstructive surgery, rhinoplasty, aesthetic surgery, contour plasty, and botulinum toxin, thread lifting methods, and many more. Doctors shared their tried-and-tested techniques, innovative research, and treatment recommendations that will help each one of us to improve our own practice by enchasing the knowledge shared on this worldwide platform. Each and everyone had some unique ideas. Over the years, there has been a remarkable evolvement in this field. I may fortunate enough to be able to make my country proud. I am determined to serve people and strive for the welfare of society till my last breath.”

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