“G M Dance is my home,” says Deepak Tulsyan, the dancer with dedication”

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From working a part-time job in a call center to making his own dance studio with millions of viewers and students around the world, Deepak Tulsyan is here to make his way!

Deepak Tulsyan

Mumbai : Deepak Tulsyan., the popular YouTube sensation and dancer, under his youtube channel GM Dance, has taken the world by storm with his incredible dance moves, captivating audiences with his high-energy performances and infectious personality.

Deepak’s success is a testament to his talent, hard work, and dedication to his craft. He continues to inspire and entertain his fans with his incredible dance moves and positive attitude, and his future in the dance world looks bright.It has been a rollercoaster journey for him since he started his YouTube back in 2015 taking dance classes by teaching children to support himself from a small 1RK room.

 Fast forward to 2020, the Covid pandemic has made it possible for him to reach and teach over 1000 students. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, he has managed to grow his reach and keep going. He has used this opportunity to innovate and come up with new ideas to help people learn. He has also seen an increase in subscribers to his Youtube channel. The channel now has over 5M Subscribers, and their dance videos of Jhomme Jo Pathaan, Ghungroo, Sakhiyan2.0, and Passori have millions of views and counting.

He is now a well-known figure in the online teaching world and is an inspiration to many. In addition to choreographing the latest and trendiest Bollywood tunes, G M Dances are also known for their creative dance moves.They are known for their easy steps, which motivate many people to learn how to dance.

During a discussion about the journey, Deepak said, “Everything still feels like a dream, with so many students, batches, and YouTube videos.. I believed in my passion and always worked hard for it. I am grateful to my audiences for always supporting me and believing in me.

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