Guess what’s Prachi Tehlan’s favourite fan moment?

One bond, which is as strong as any blood relation, is the one existing between celebrities and their fans. Forming an integral part of a celebrity’s life, these fans are inseparable and indispensable. Prachi Tehlan, who rose to fame in such a short span, believes that it was the constant love and support from her followers that made her a star.

Every celebrity has a special fan moment which they can proudly talk about, and so does Prachi. On being asked about that one special fan she can never forget, Prachi stated, “There is a fan of mine who came all the way from Uttar Pradesh, just to meet and greet me on my birthday. That’s the biggest thing someone has done for me.”

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Who is Biggest Fan of Prachi Tehlan?

“But that is not it. There have been many of my fans who frequently come from Pune to see me. Others sent me gifts, collages and adorable handmade cards on the sets since the time I worked in ‘Diya Aur Baati Hum.’ There are fans that keep sending me love messages through various social media platforms like Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram. So, when I sit back to think about one special moment with a specific fan, my mind gets flooded with so many little things that have been done by people out there, who keep showering their never-ending love on me. I literally feel blessed at times,” Prachi further mentioned.

Indeed, these are the perks of being a celebrity.

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