Introducing Our New Chemistry Professors : Prince – Yuvika on MTV Love School

Sparks. Did you feel it? Did you sense it? Did it shock you? Did it leave you craving for more? So you glanced at him/her again and caught them watching you with the same intensity. We bet it triggered a riot of emotions once again. Would you call this ‘chemistry’?

MTV Love School Season 3

From breaking and fixing hearts to helping tell a new love story, MTV Love School season 3 has taken the viewers on a love-coaster ride. The fresh new format of the show has brought immense excitement, unpredictability and taught contestants and viewers some tough lessons on love and relationships.

Adored by millions of fans, the passionate duo of Prince – Yuvika have re-defined relationship goals over and fueled the quest to find your perfect match. Taking their relationship goals a notch higher, the upcoming episode will see the reality star, Prince Narula with his lady love, Yuvika Chaudhary reviewing and mentoring the lovebirds on how chemistry plays a vital role in a relationship.

Prince & Yuvika in MTV Love School Season 3, Prince Yuvika

Prince Narula & Yuvika Chowdhry

Commenting on his on and off-screen chemistry, Prince Narula said, “It doesn’t require maths or a method to sharing an equation with your loved one. If you have it, you will feel it, regardless of circumstances. Being in a relationship, Yuvika and I too have realized that chemistry between two is definitely an important part of our relationship, it has helped us grow stronger and closer.  My only advice for all the ones in love and looking for love is that,  if you do not see the spark, chemistry with your partner,  you may want to think twice about your relationship. People often misunderstand compatibility as chemistry but one can have similar choices in food & music but when it comes to chemistry it is about unspoken connection that results into excitement & romance.”

The episode will witness surprising twists and turns as Prince – Yuvika groove to some eclectic tunes in a live nightclub at Bogmallo Beach, Goa. While Prince re-creates the epic proposal to her lady love ‘one more time’. But that’s not all, watch out for Karan who pays surprise visit to Anusha as the couples take the dance floor by the storm with electrifying love that will leave you tingling for more.

To know who aces the chemistry game and who faces the tunes, tune into the most aww – waited episode of MTV Love School on 30th June 2018, 7.00 PM only on MTV

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