Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute Launches Sthapna Program

Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute Launches Sthapna Program, This is a Foundation Course Certification from Indian Yoga Association.


~ Sthapna, a Foundation Course in Traditional Yoga ~

  • 15 hours of engaging online video content
  • Start anytime and learn at your convenience
  • One-week On-site module at different locations
  • The course is open to all. No prior knowledge of Yoga or Sanskrit is required

One of the oldest and pioneering institutes of scientific research in Lonavala, Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute is rooted deep into the traditions of yoga and changing the lives of millions of people in India and across the globe.

For the past 97 years, the practice has been preserved and promoted in its traditional form by eminent Yoga Masters.

The aim here is to connect people around the world through the art of traditional yoga. Situated across India starting from Lonavala to Mumbai, New Delhi, Jaipur, Rajkot and Bhopal, Kaivalyadhama has spread its wings till USA, China and Japan.

The institute offers a variety of online and offline courses and conducts workshops which helps an individual with multiple health benefits and provides immense knowledge on traditional yoga.

Sthapna by Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute

To add on to its exceptional programs, on 18th April 2021, Kaivalyadhama launched ‘Sthapna’, a program of basic yet very major form of Yoga, a blended course that goes beyond the various contemporary interpretations of Yoga and lays the foundation for exploration into the study of Yoga.

Considering the ongoing pandemic, Sthapna is a self–paced online course spread over 15 hours session that explores the textual, contemporary, and experiential study of Yoga’s history, its types, philosophy, spirituality, scientific aspects, and application.

It follows a holistic integration of theory, chanting, and practice that includes postures & breathing. Sthapna is a unique online and onsite learning model. 

After the completion of the 15 hours online course, a week of on-site training is hosted at Kaivalyadhama’s varied centers in India.

One can enroll in onsite programs that will offer participants a Foundation Course Certification from Indian Yoga Association.

Commenting on the launch of the Sthapna, Shri Subodh Tiwari, CEO says, 

“Yoga is a practice of spiritual self-realization (Moksha). With the launch of Sthapna we are glad to provide the understanding of the importance of Yoga in the present times. The course will set the foundation for a beginner and provide insights on the history of Yoga, practices of different Āsanas & Prāṇāyāma. In a place full of masks and polluted breathing, one can enjoy their staycation at Kaivalyadhama amongst the nature surrounded with beautiful gardens, flowers, birds and trees indulging in the varied courses by the institute.”

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