Kalyani Priyadarshan and Kalidas Jayaram caught by surprise by THIS newest pair in town

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Fans swear by the adorable on-screen chemistry of actors Kalyani Priyadarshan and Kalidas Jayaram. Their work in Pottu Thotta Pournami has been appreciated by everyone, making the couple the toast of the town.

Kalyani Priyadarshan and Kalidas Jayaram caught by surprise by THIS newest pair in town
Kalyani Priyadarshan and Kalidas Jayaram caught by surprise by THIS newest pair in town

However, it has been heard through the grapevine that there is another pair that is being celebrated jubilantly across the state, perhaps earning fans across the country! This would have otherwise been an unfortunate development for the duo but once they learned who the new pair is, they seemed to be delighted, and in fact, joined in the revelries. 

The story goes that Kalyani’s co-star caught her by surprise on a video call. The actor was blissfully unaware of any looming threat when Kalidas told her about a new pair that had taken Tamil Nadu by storm. At first, Kalyani paid little heed to his predicament because no one could possibly beat their chemistry and charm. But eventually, she got visibly concerned when Kalidas mentioned that this new pair “is simply spicy, juicy, and fantastic!’” 

KFC Biryani Bucket

She immediately demands to know who has launched this new pair. And imagine her surprise when Kalidas reveals that the creator of this new pair was the one and only OG chef, Colonel Sanders. That’s when we see Kalidas’ face light up as he picks up the new KFC Biryani Bucket – the newest pair of Biryani rice and KFC’s signature chicken. Kalyani’s concern to gives way to excitement as Kalidas hands her the Bucket and they both dig in to the crispy, crunchy new offering. If there was ever a pair to surpass Kalidas-Kalyani, it had to be KFC’s signature chicken coming together with flavourful Biryani rice. It is the perfect combination of texture, flavor & aroma in a Bucket – making it the Biryani of your dreams

“Vandhaa, Bucket – a thiruduna, Ponaa, repeat”

You’ve to see it to believe it, how Kalyani is instantly relieved, and now thrilled that she would be able to have two of her favorites together in one KFC Bucket. She takes a bite of the KFC Biryani and suddenly, all is forgiven. But what ensues is a tussle of sorts to gain control of the Bucket. Not a surprise that as soon as Kalyani gets her hands on the Biryani Bucket, she decides to keep it for herself, almost brutally cutting Kalidas’ video call, leaving him longing for more. Eventually, Kalidas empty-handed and craving for KFC Biryani, ends up becoming the target of a prank he was playing with Kalyani. Looking into the camera, Kalidas signs – “Vandhaa, Bucket – a thiruduna, Ponaa, repeat”, meaning She came, she stole the bucket, she went. Repeat! Hang in there Kalidas, or even better, head to the nearest KFC restaurant to get your own Biryani Bucket. 

Kalyani and Kalidas’ adorable banter as they discuss this new pair is winning hearts and has left people in splits. Their fun conversation has already garnered 500K+ views, with some interesting comments from users, within hours. Haven’t seen it yet? Set your eyes on the newest pair in town

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