Karan Oberoi pledges to create the next generation of musical superstars

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After spending more than a decade in the industry and analyzing its different faces, Karan Oberoi feels that India doesn’t create musical superstars, rather it feeds on them.

“When was the last time an initiative was taken to discover, create and hone the skills of a musical talent and hand hold them to stardom,” he questions.

Referring to the futility of the reality shows that claim to offer a platform to the budding talent, A band of boys member said, “The TV ‘reality shows’ don’t really count because they pander to the audiences for TRPs. And once the show is over, the artist is forgotten and expected to just fend for himself, while we move to the next reality show. Where is the training, the management, the initiative to build him up and take him to newer height?”

Karan Oberoi Bang of boys

“We just want the talent to come up the hard way, struggle, make it big on his own and then piggyback on his success. Even then, we end up backing just the same artist again and again and milk him dry. We are not interested in investing in ANY talent and hand-hold them to the process of stardom,” he stated further, highlighting the pitiable condition.

So, does he see an end to the industry’s wrongs?

“With the audiences looking for new forms of entertainment, it’s just a matter of time. For sure, a disruption will be caused by someone with a vision to understand that, and therefore create the next generation of musical superstars. I hope to be one of those guys as I have also undertaken a solemn pledge. I am already working towards it and hopefully that dream will unfold sooner than later,” he answered.

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