#ChipsNahiFire is the latest campaign by Doritos with Kartik Aaryan and Rohit Shetty.


· Doritos Sizzlin’ Hot is the boldest new flavour from the house of Doritos
* Campaign ramps up the heat of fiery hot flavour with ‘#ChipsNahiFire’ proposition
· A robust 360-degree surround campaign planned across multiple platforms

Staying true to its bold narrative, Doritos, the world’s number one Nacho Chip brand*, has unveiled a ‘stunt-tastic’ new TVC campaign to introduce its hottest new flavour – Doritos Sizzlin’ Hot. Featuring brand ambassador, Kartik Aaryan, and celebrated Bollywood director, Rohit Shetty, the campaign film – #ChipsNahiFire – in a brilliant manner, brings alive the intense heat of Doritos Sizzlin’ Hot.

Doritos Sizzlin’ Hot is a new addition to the Doritos family that is inspired by the globally successful Flamin’ Hot platform and extends the brand’s play beyond the classic flavours in the segment. It’s the brand’s bold response to the increasing consumer demand of spicy flavours and variety in the Indian snacks market, with ‘chilli’ being one of the top flavour buckets that is growing rapidly in the category.

The film is a beautifully shot & fresh “behind the scenes” take on Rohit Shetty directing Kartik Aaryan in the Doritos Sizzlin’ Hot commercial. While Kartik is very keen on crunching into his favourite Doritos, Rohit insists he uses a stunt double for eating the intensely hot chip, for his own safety. Kartik doesn’t agree, and hilarity ensues post Kartik bites into the Doritos Sizzlin’ Hot Chip. Doritos also went live with an intriguing teaser before the main film, where Kartik tries to eat the chip from a box labeled “Not For Kartik Aaryan” but the box is soon taken away from him.

Speaking on the new launch, Doritos brand ambassador Kartik Aaryan said, 

“When the brand team told me they’re introducing a super spicy new flavour called Doritos Sizzlin’ Hot, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the nachos! As soon as I tried Doritos Sizzlin’ Hot, my reaction was quite similar to what you see in the TVC, the spiciness and cheesiness of the product elevated the taste to an entirely new level. The added bonus has been the wonderful experience of working with Rohit (Shetty) sir for the first time in front of the camera. This is personally my favourite Doritos film!”

Talking about the brand film, Rohit Shetty, said,

“Everyone knows that I love the bold action genre, so I was very happy to collaborate with Doritos, who also believes in embracing boldness. I had a blast shooting for this project with Kartik Aaryan and bringing the Doritos Sizzlin’ Hot proposition to life via our blazing ad film. Look forward to entertaining the fans with the perfect combination of spicy bold and crunchy.”

Ankit Agarwal, Associate Director, Brand Marketing – PepsiCo India shares the brand’s inspiration for the campaign, 

“Boldness is at the heart of everything that we do at Doritos, and when Doritos launched Sizzlin’ Hot, we were sure we wanted a product that really challenges the heat tolerance of our spice loving audience! Once we had the perfect product, the next step was to design a campaign that tells the audience in the boldest possible way how spicy this flavour really is – that’s where the campaign idea of #ChipsNahiFire was born. The campaign does a fantastic job of establishing Doritos Sizzlin’ Hot and we hope that the fiery duo of Kartik Aaryan and Rohit Shetty leaves the audience wanting to see the TVC again and again!”

Further discussing the campaign, Rajdeepak Das, CEO & Chief Creative Officer (South Asia) – Leo Burnett said,

“Our newest campaign for Doritos is literally an ad within an ad. The central idea of #ChipsNahiFire has been brought out beautifully in the story telling and both Kartik Aaryan and Rohit Shetty have literally and figuratively sizzled on screen! The film practically challenges the viewers to go try this super bold flavour – Doritos Sizzlin’ Hot!”

Not limited to a TVC, the latest campaign will continue with a robust 360-degree surround spanning multiple platforms just for the fans. 


  • Creative Agency – Leo Burnett
  • Dheeraj Sinha – CEO & Chief Strategy Officer–South Asia
  • Raj Deepak Das – CEO & Chief Creative Officer–South Asia
  • Samir Gangahar – President-North
  • Vikram Pandey – National Creative Director
  • Alisha Sharma – Senior Creative Director
  • Aakash Pandya – Senior Copywriter
  • Sakhi Shah – Associate Creative Director
  • Neha Kapoor – Vice President
  • Uday Lalotra – Brand Services Director
  • Shriya Sachdeva – Senior Brand Services Associate
  • Noor Samra – Senior Vice President
  • Ashish Mathew – Brand Strategy Director
  • Director – Vivek Kakkar
  • Producer – Vincent Gomes

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