Kartik Aaryan blows our minds with his intense avatar in ‘Dhamaka’

Main hoon Arjun Pathak Jo bhi Kahunga Sach Kahunga” says Kartik Aaryan Dhamaka movie first look teaser.

The much awaited teaser of Kartik Aaryan’s upcoming film Dhamaka released on Tuesday morning and the actor is giving an insight into the intense, gritty and solid character of a news anchor.

Breaking the mold from the light-hearted, slice-of-life comic capers, the heartthrob of the nation, Kartik Aaryan ventures into the raw, rustic, and intense world of thriller cinema with Dhamaka, divulging new facades of versatility.

The teaser sees him in an intense avatar and the scene is all about Kartik’s character and the way he’s handling the stressful situation amidst live cameras. It’s an outstanding clipping where Aaryan steals the show.

Netflix’s ‘Dhamaka’ Starring Kartik Aaryan

Earlier, the makers of Dhamaka unveiled the first look of the film revealing Kartik Aaryan’s character ‘Arjun Pathak’. Dressed in a suit, the bespectacled journalist, with long hair with a hint of blood on himself, Kartik Aaryan’s avatar intrigued the audience stirring the excitement for the film.

Elevating the levels of anticipation further, the teaser of Dhamaka offers further insight into the gripping story woven around a news anchor reporting a hard-hitting incident of a bomb-blast in realtime.

As the story unfolds, Kartik Aaryan’s character is subjected to circumstances grappling him between tough choices, abidance to his career or awakening the humanist within.

Wrapping the schedule of Dhamaka in mere 10 days, Kartik Aaryan exhibited sheer dedication and professionalism, earning appreciation from one and all for the discipline he showcased for his craft.

Currently shooting for his upcoming film Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2, Kartik Aaryan is one of the busiest actors in Bollywood having multiple projects in his pipeline.

Teaser of Dhamaka Movie

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