Shinkai Festival: An Anime Extravaganza Featuring The Masterpieces Of Makoto Shinkai

Mumbai: After hosting the Anime maestro Makoto Shinkai in India last month, PVR INOX Pictures is honouring him & the realm of our anime enthusiasts, with the Shinkai Festival on May 19th. The highly anticipated Shinkai Festival is a fitting tribute to the legendary, multi-award winning visionary animator and director Makoto Shinkai. The event will showcase five of his captivating masterpieces, taking our Otakus on intriguing journeys through enchanting worlds.

Makoto Shinkai Festival

The following acclaimed films will feature in the Shinkai Festival:

Your Name: 

An unforgettable story of connection and fate unfolds in the captivating anime “Your Name” by two strangers named Mitsuha and Taki who mysteriously switch bodies and set out to find each other across time and space, woven together by romance, fantasy, and stunning animation.

Weathering With You: 

The captivating anime “Weathering With You” explores themes of love, sacrifice, and the tenacity of the human spirit while delving into the enchanted tie between Hodaka and Hina, where she appears to be able to manipulate the weather, in a world of magical connections.

Children Who Chase Lost Voices: 

A coming of age, captivating tale with adolescent love and a young heroine who is drawn into a secret realm by a mysterious melody emanating from a crystal radio left as a keepsake by her absent father.

5 Centimeters Per Second: 

We trace the journey of a young guy named Takaki through his life in three interconnected segments as harsh winters, cold technology, and finally adult responsibilities and commitments converge to test the delicate petals of love.


The visually striking animated drama “Suzume” centres on a 17-year-old high school girl who joins an enigmatic young man on a fantastical journey. What occurs next forms the core of the thrilling journey after they are tasked with closing and sealing inter-dimensional gateways that may wipe out the entire planet.

India has seen an astounding rise in anime’s popularity and adoration. With its distinctive storytelling methods and visually stunning creativity, this Japanese animation style has won over Indian audiences of all ages. PVRINOX Pictures is at the forefront of celebrating this scintillating genre.

Commenting on the much anticipated Shinkai Festival, Kamal Gianchandani, CEO – PVRINOX Pictures said, 

“India’s evolving relationship with Anime showcases the power of cross-cultural exchange, as it continues to captivate and inspire a new generation of viewers in the country. We are thrilled to showcase and pay homage to one of the most brilliant Anime directors and his treasured films. We look forward to celebrating this beloved genre and cater to the ever-enthused moviegoers with unforgettable moments on the big screen.”.”

Mark your calendars and stay tuned to enter the enchanting world of Makoto Shinkai and the magic of Anime at the Shinkai Festival, this May.

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