Natch is at your doorstep now with Swiggy Instamart

Natch, the leading healthy snacking brand, has joined forces with Swiggy Instamart in Mumbai to slay hunger pangs with unparalleled speed. Now you can order the tastiest and healthiest offerings from Natch through Swiggy Instamart. 

Natch is at your doorstep now with Swiggy Instamart

Whether you have guests coming over to your place or hosting a house party, you can now treat your loved ones to something tasty. Craving a sweet and spicy kick? Indulge in their Thai rice chips, available in both sweet chilli and sesame flavours. Looking for a cheesy plant-based option? Their chickpea puffs with a vegan cheddar taste are ready to satisfy. For a tropical twist, dive into their perfectly portioned Thai mango slices, offered in classic and chili varieties. Natch cares for consumer wellness and keeping in mind this ideology its products are natural and plant based without any artificial flavours and preservatives. 

“We are thrilled to announce that this is just the beginning of Natch’s exciting journey into the world of quick commerce. Our loyal consumers can expect unparalleled convenience and exceptional service as we launch five of our best-selling products in Mumbai. We are confident in the amazing response we will receive and are excited to expand our product offerings and availability in the near future.”

Matthew Taff, Co-founder and CEO of Natch Snacks

We’re ecstatic to announce the inception of Natch’s foray into the realm of rapid commerce. Our devoted patrons can anticipate unmatched convenience and stellar service as we debut five of our top-selling offerings in Mumbai. With confidence in the resounding reception ahead, we eagerly anticipate broadening our product range and availability in the foreseeable future,” shares Matthew Taff, the visionary behind Natch Snacks.

That’s not all! Natch is offering a discount of 15-20% off the MRP on all their products on Swiggy Instamart for the first three months, so stock up on your favourites or explore new healthy options – all at an irresistible price. Soon Natch will be also available in Gurgaon, Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore and Ahmedabad on Swiggy Instamart.

Download the Swiggy Instamart app today and experience the convenience of Natch snacks delivered straight to your door in Mumbai.

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