Witness the World HD Premiere of Neena Gupta’s award-winning film, ‘The Last Color’ on &pictures HD!

Witness the World HD Premiere of Neena Gupta The Last Color movie. It’s an award-winning film directed by chef turned Director Vikas Khanna.

Neena Gupta

“Sooraj toh roz he jeet-ta hai, Chaand ka bhi toh din aata hai na”, leaving us with an emotion of warmth and a smile on our faces, this hard-hitting dialogue from the brilliant film, The Last Color promises us a gleam of hope and light in today’s fast-paced world. &picturesHD is set to bring to the audiences the World HD Premiere of the award-winning film, The Last Color on 12th January, 8pm. Produced by House Of Omkar, along with distribution partner, FilmKaravan, and Directed by Michelin  Star chef, Vikas Khanna, the film is set to pave its way into your hearts and leave you full of emotions and zeal. 

The Last Color

Set in Banaras, the film addresses an age-old taboo surrounding widows in Vrindavan and Varanasi in India. The Last Color traces the journey of a widow, Noor (Neena Gupta), her bond with a lovely young girl, Chhoti (Aqsa Siddiqui) and brings to light how Chhoti adds a punch of love, joy and colour in Noor’s life. The supremely versatile and elegant, Neena Gupta slips into the role of Noor with ease, power and a strong screen presence. Known for immersing herself into any character and making it her own, Neena Gupta, fondly known as ‘Neena ji’ is loved by audiences of all age groups. Her relatability, natural approach towards life and her immense passion towards her characters, leaves us wanting for more.

Director Vikas Khanna is known for bringing to masses, premium and compelling content. The chef-turned director savors every aspect of his film and puts his heart into making it an enjoyable and once in a lifetime experience for the audiences. 

Talking about the World HD Premiere, Vikas Khanna said,

The Last Color is a film that is very close to my heart and my childhood. The film is meant to be savored like one’s favorite dish and is like an experience that takes you on a journey like never before. To showcase these sorts of emotions and a strong character, was indeed challenging and who better than Neena Gupta to sink into this character and make it her own. She was extremely supportive and helped me with many inputs while we were shooting. Each scene of this film is crafted with great thought and eventually the goal is to nudge the audiences and somewhere unfold the entire experience of a widow through the festival of colors, Holi. It was my heartfelt desire that the film reaches maximum audiences, and I am delighted that my distribution partner FilmKaravan made this happen. Moreover, I am looking forward to the premiere of the film on &pictures HD and hope that audiences love it.

Talking about the World HD Premiere, Neena Gupta said,

“ Talking about the World Television Premiere, Neena Gupta said, When I heard the script of the film, I was left with a rush of emotions and wanted the world to see this story. I am glad that Vikas has brought such a beautiful vision to the audiences and working with him was indeed a refreshing and creatively satisfying experience. Every sequence was challenging in its own way and helped me explore deeper aspects of my vulnerabilities as an actor. The film was shot on the ghats of Banaras which was supremely enjoyable. Moreover, at its core the film showcases a beautiful friendship between my character Noor and a 9-year-old girl, played by Aqsa Siddiqui. I hope audiences enjoy watching the film.

Tune in to on &pictures HD On 12th January at 8pm, to enjoy the World HD Premiere of The Last Color

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