Neha Bhasin captures modern-day woman’s heartbreak in a soulful rendition Tu Ki Jaane

Neha Bhasin Tu Ki Jaane is new track which captures modern-day woman’s heartbreak.

Singer Neha Bhasin is back again with a new track and this time she beautifully expresses the sadness that seeps into an ending relationship of the contemporary youth.


The track titled Tu Ki Jaane, is built in the zone of Punjabi hip hop music.

Indian cinema and music videos have always glorified destruction in Heartbreak. Romanticised destruction, cutting veins, to live or die without you has been the message in every track but Neha’s track is not about that.

For the first time it brings a new perspective about the modern-day couple, which has never been presented before talking about the song.

Neha says,

Tu ki Jaane though a, melancholic song about a love unfulfilled, about a roadblock in a once happy relationship also embodies the evolution of a woman of today. There is something about broken hearts and bare bodies, it has a certain purity to it. The woman that blossoms in love but if not treated right will not end her life or destroy herself in an unfulfilled love.”

Tu ki jaane composed and written by Neha Bhasin and produced to perfection by Sameer Uddin is a, Punjabi power ballad in the genre of hip hop.

The video is shot in a burnt down hotel in Nainital to strongly portray the cracks in a once intimate relationship.

Neha features super model Bardeep Dhiman as the male protagonist.

The director Prayrit Seth wanted to portray Neha as unabashed, desirable vs the heartbroken, downtrodden imagery of a woman left by her man that we are used to seeing.

This marks the era of a self assured woman who knows her worth.

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