President Frank Underwood’s Speech ‘You Are Entitled to Nothing’ in House of Cards

Too bad this was just some actor. I would’ve voted for him. 🙂

Good Evening,
for too long we in Washington we have been lying to you
we say we are here to serve you
When in fact we are serving our self’s
and why?
Because we are drivened to be re-elected by our own desire
our need to stay in power eclipse our duty to govern
That Ends Tonight.
Tonight I give you the truth…

And the truth is this,
The American Dream has failed you
Work hard, play by the rules
You won’t be guaranteed success
Your Children will not have a better life than you did
10 million of you can’t even get a job
Though you desperately want one
We have been crippled by social security, Medicare, Medicaid
By wealth-fare, By entitlements
And that is the root of the problem, entitlements
Let me be clear you are entitled to nothing,
You Are Entitled To Nothing,
America was built on the spirit of industry
You Build your future,
It Isn’t handed to you
And the problem of Washington is that we haven’t given you the tools to build it
The Only way for us to serve you is the means to serve yourself
That is what exactly what I intend to do
Not handouts
Real paying jobs.

In the next few weeks, the democrats leadership will introduce a program called America Works
It’s goal is simple
To put the 10 million Americans who are unemployed to work
All of them,
If you want a job,
You get one
The cost of it is 5 billion dollars,
Now that is a lot of money
To pay for it we would need to rethink social security, health care, and benefits from the ground up
And can’t maintain the welfare state as we know it
Now that is not a popular thing to say
From anyone from the office wouldn’t be dared to utter those words
The adviser, the consultant, member would beg a presidential candidate not to say them
But I can say them,
Because I will not be seeking the democrat nomination in 2016
Candidates are cautious
They must equip
They dodge and tip-toe
But I rather leave this office by accomplishing something with value
And secure another four years
And haven’t done nothing at all
Franklin D. Roosevelt, ushered in hope and progress
And he imposed a new idea
And at the time his reforms were radical
But he once said “That this country demands bold, persistent experimentation’s”
It is common sense to take the method and try it,
If it fails admit it frankly and try another,
But above all try something.
Roosevelt would’ve understand the necessity of trying something different
the new deal succeed for many years
But we must now try something newer,
before it fails us.
If America Works succeeds
we will reinvent the American Dream
if we fail in our attempt
we would admit it frankly,
and try another
But above all, we must try something

Thank you, and God Bless the United States of America

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