Honest, unfiltered, unstoppable, non-conformist – everything that is Ranveer Singh in Femina’s January 2023 issue

16th January 2023: Ranveer Singh. The name is enough to evoke myriad emotions, yet none of them can hold a mirror to the real man. The way he looks at his life and art and creates a perfect balance between fun and sombre is as compulsive as his onscreen persona. And, for the first time ever, he lets Femina delve deep into the inner workings of his life and career in the magazine’s January 2023 issue – the Men’s Special.

Ranveer Singh

Femina’s January 2023 issue

The cover story with Ranveer goes beyond the sheer force of his presence and his larger-than-life personality. It shines a light on the making of an inspirational, intelligent, and kind soul. This is an opportunity to meet the man behind the actor and be captivated.

The hardest part of being who he is, Ranveer explains, is 

“I’m a very giving person. I don’t know when to stop. I’ve learned only very recently that when you do more work and that work is appreciated and you become a ‘bigger star’ – then there’s that much more noise around you. There’s that many more people who want a piece of you. I’ve never learned the way to shut that tap… So, I try and do as much of it as I can.”

So, what is the person behind that energetic public image like? “A very true part of myself is a very intense person. Still, I don’t wish to be that guy who walks into a room and suddenly everything becomes sombre and conversations become elevated and impassioned…”

In keeping with that, there is a certain introspection that the actor has done and aims to manifest in the New Year. He says

“I want to cultivate healthier habits, more structure, more discipline, in terms of lifestyle and to find more of a balance between my professional and personal life… I hope to reduce my workload so that I’m able to truly enjoy what I’m doing at the time.”

Grab the January 2023 issue of Femina to get a glimpse of the vulnerable side of Ranveer Singh.

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