Remo D’Souza Applauds Prime Focus for 3D Effects in Race 3

One of them most highly-awaited movie of the year, Race 3 grabbed headlines at every stage of its development. Now post-release the movie is being widely talked about for its excellent large-scale action sequences – special effects, VFX and other CG elements, all of which was carried out by Prime Focus Limited, the world’s largest independent integrated media powerhouse.

Special Effects in Race 3 by Prime Focus

Speaking about the post-production work delivered by Prime Focus, Race 3 director – Remo D’Souza said, “Prime Focus is one of the few facilities where I could find the infrastructure and talent needed to take on a job of this magnitude within the tight delivery schedule. The creative artists at Prime Focus, be it in visual effects, 3D conversion or color grading understood my vision very well and ensured that the film’s action elements, drama and visuals were enhanced multifold and executed to perfection.”

He added, “Our entire team was completely blown away by the special effects in Race 3 which I am sure has added to the movie experience for the audience.”

Commenting about the conversion of the movie in 3D, Race 3 Director of Photography (DoP) Ayananka Bose shared, “We always knew the film would be converted in 3D. A lot was expected from the 3D team and together with VFX, they had to deliver a seamless output in a very short amount of time.”

Under VFX supervisor Vishal Kapoor, the Prime Focus team delivered an outstanding output, with the most action sequences being spoken about for seamless work that resulted in an enthralling viewing experience for the audience. The two standout VFX shots in the movie included Salman’s wing-suit sequence and the Bugatti Veyron explosion scene. In order to deliver a thoroughly convincing explosion scene, the team first began by identifying a car model most identical to Bugatti Veyron and eventually settled on Toyota Sera.

Speaking about the talked-about car explosion scene, Vishal Kapoor shared, “The posterior of Sera was modified to resemble Bugatti Veyron and the filmed explosion was enhanced in post-production. For added realism and heightened 3D experience we also showed car’s mechanical parts flying-off the screen towards the camera.”

The Prime Focus team dedicatedly worked on the project alongside Remo and Ayananka for delivering outstanding special effects.

“We are grateful to Remo D’Souza, Salman Khan and Rameshji for placing their trust in Prime Focus and their consistent support and guidance,” said Niraj Sanghai, Business Head – Prime Focus Limited.

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