Watch these romantic shows on ShemarooMe to spark your Valentine’s Day evening

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it’s time to cherish the festival of love with your special one. And what is more perfect than spending a cozy evening with your partner binging on a romantic shows on ShemarooMe. To help you pick the perfect show for you and your partner, we have curated a list that will make you fall in love all over again

Romantic shows on ShemarooMe

Romantic shows on ShemarooMe

Poori Pani

Who doesn’t like a love story with ups and downs, especially something that keeps you glued to the TV screen like nothing else. Poori Pani is the story of Manan, a sincere and studious teenager who falls in love with Mansi, a bubbly and chirpy girl. The high-school romance takes a bitter turn when Manan leaves Mansi without any explanation.

After a few years, they meet in an arranged marriage setup, shocked and surprised at the course of events. Will their love story be as sweet and spicy as Poori Paani? What lies in store for this Jodi

Vaat Vaat Ma                             

Vaat Vaat Ma is a tragicomedy where Pahel and Swayam, a married couple wants to get divorced as soon as possible. The story takes a twist as the divorce lawyer visits the couple at their house to complete the formalities just when the government imposes a nationwide lockdown due to the increase in Covid-19 cases and the lawyer gets trapped in the house with the couple.

Will the relationship find a way to survive or end in a brawling disagreement

Luv Rekha

Luv and Rekha are rival employees of the same company. They are always at loggerheads and constantly find ways to outperform each other. In the digital world, they unknowingly interact on a social media app and start liking each other.

When it becomes evident that they were actually talking to each other, their nemesis in real life, they struggle to come to terms with the shock. Will they let go of their egos to accept each other

Romantic shows on ShemarooMe

Yaadon ni Safar

Yaadon ni Safar is the story of Kavya and Kushal who were sweethearts at school but get separated soon after. After 10 long years they cross the paths again and instantly feel the connection that they used to have in school.

But they find that things are not really the same as fate brings them together at a very different time, when their lives are directed by many different factors. Find out what happens when they meet

Unknown to Unknown

Disha and Vinay are two very different people who meet in an arranged marriage setting. Vinay is a quintessential businessman with a serious and disciplined personality while Disha is a free-spirited woman and a well-settled fashion designer.

The two personalities get to know each other better as they start meeting each other. But are a few meetings enough to make the decision of a lifetime?

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