Sports Events July 2021

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Sports Events July 2021

The best sports events happened in July! We know that you already support your favorite team and live stream the matches from your home. July was a delightful month as important events like Wimbledon, British Open or the Olympic Games in Tokyo took place. As some of them have not ended yet, there are still plenty of matches on the go. Let’s talk a little bit about what happened and learn more information about these matches.


Are there any tennis fans up here? Rumor has it that one of the best sites to stream and even bet on Wimbledon this year is Betway Casino. You could’ve watched the best tennis players in action and felt the adrenaline of each throw. And, even if you miss an event, don’t be sad! Simply re-watch the match on a website as all of them were legendary! 

Don’t get us wrong, all Wimbledon tennis matches were on fire in July, but have you looked at the final match?! The match was tight between Novak Djokovik and Denis Shapovalov. It was intense and extremely emotional for Shapovalov. The scores were 7-6, 7-5 and yet again, 7-5 in favor of Djokovic. This event took place Sunday and the winner was Novak Djokovik. His performance was outstanding as he won the match with straight sets victory. 


British Open

British Open was cancelled last year due to the world-wide pandemic and re-opened in 2021 at Royal St. George Golf Club, in East England. The entire prize fund for this event was ranked at 11,500,000 dollars and it was split among the best golf players. The wait was worth it as huge names like Collin Morikawa, Jordan Spierh and Louis Oosthuzien dueled for supremacy.

At age of 24, Collin Morikawa made history as he managed to win not one, but two majors. He is one of the youngest British players that impressed with his skills, personality and talent. Morikawa pounced and took the lead on Nos. 7,8, 9 and finished the week with 31 consecutive bogey-free holes. 

Cricket – The Hundred

Cricket is India’s no. 1 favorite sport, but it’s well known and appreciated worldwide, especially Cricket – The Hundred event. This event is organized by the England and Wales Cricket Board in a 100-ball-cricket. This year was the first edition where 8 teams competed against each other. It took place in July and will continue in August 2021. Lots of people say that it’s similar to the Indian Premier League. 

The tournament features Oval Invincibles and Manchester Originals and both men and women can be a part of it and compete in the 32 matches. All of these matches will take place both home and away and those who manage to be in the top 3 league table will compete against each other until there will be one winner. This event will end on 21 August, and it will be interesting to see who will be the winner.

Olympic Games in Tokyo

This year, the Olympic Games XXXII edition will take place in the land of the rising sun – Japan, Tokyo. Lots of sports events will start from 23 July until 8 August 2021. As many of you know, the Olympic games take place from 4 to 4 years, but 2021 was an exception. 

Olympic Games

The event was scheduled for 2020, but, due to the pandemic, it was rescheduled for the next year. You can keep a keen eye on your favorite sports events such as rowing, long jumping, rugby, discus throwing, athletics, swimming, tennis, boxing, or hammer throwing.

Formula 1 – British Grand Prix at Silverstone

Organized by FIA, this event started in England in 1950, and it still took place in Silverstone, Northamptonshire. The winner of this event was Lewis Hamilton who just hit 99 victories in his career. 

Just like the other sports events, this one wasn’t shunned by drama as Hamilton had some penalties along his way but he still won even if he dueled enemies like Max Verstappen. 


Well, as you can see, there are plenty of events that happen in this month and all of them are breathtaking. If you are a sports fan and want to level up your fun, you can opt to bet on the bookmakers on your favourite matches before or while watching them live. Until then, enjoy the matches, watch them with your friends and family and may the best teams/players win!

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