Srushti Tawade Album BreadCrumbs – Music Sensation Launches Her First Ever Album

Srushti Tawade created a storm with her unfiltered, hard-hitting lyrics and became an internet sensation with her songs ‘Chill Kinda Guy and ‘Main Nahi Toh Koun’.  The artist has now come together with Warner Music India and has launched her first ever album ‘BreadCrumbs’, a seven-track journey which dissolves genre boundaries and is a culmination of her journey as a writer, storyteller, rapper & singer since her breakout on MTV Hustle 2.0.

Srushti Tawade First Album BreadCrumbs

‘Breadcrumbs’ is an elaborate seven-track showcase of Srushti’s varied style & writing. The first song 808, is a slang for ‘track’ or ‘beat’ in pop culture and adds a new meaning to it by showcasing her life before her career kick-started in the rap scene. Ghummi Ghummi, is entirely from a little child’s perspective but uniquely is a club banger at the same time. The track Meri Jaan speaks of longing and desire and how distances can really make the heart grow fonder. It is a pop-heavy ballad that encapsulates the multitude of emotions one experiences when in love. The final track is Ishq Mazaak which is an edgy upbeat number, an expression of angst and extreme emotions that one faces post a break-up. It is a special track because it’s studded with vocal modulations & even genre-modulation.

Srushti Tawade excited on her album launch said 

“Regardless of what was my assumed range as an artist until now, BreadCrumbs has been my means to explore & express beyond anybody’s expectations. Some parts of my personality that were left unheard of are all decorating my debut album, to say the least. And I’m very grateful to the people who turned BreadCrumbs into more than just songs. Because of them, I feel more heard now!”

The album ‘Breadcrumbs’ is now available on all streaming platforms.

Listen Srushti Tawade Album BreadCrumbs’ First song here:

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