Terribly Tiny Tale’s latest short film Ved & Arya Starring Nakuul Mehta & Sanaya Irani Crosses 1 Million Views & Counting

 India’s premier film studio Terribly Tiny Talkies has released its latest short film titled ‘Ved & Arya’ today. Starring Nakuul Mehta & Sanaya Irani and directed by Ritesh Menon, this is TTT’s 40th short film and is powered by OkCupid as part of TTT’s latest property ‘Streedom’.

The announcement of Nakuul and Sanaya’s first project together as TTT’s ‘Ved and Arya’ has already created Twitter Trends (#SanayaNakuul) across India, UK & Egypt with over 20K tweets in record time.

And recently the film crossed 1 Million Views and counting on YouTube with accolades from the critics, audiences.

TTT’s short films are regarded as the best in the country, having received awards and worldwide recognition at festivals such as Clermont Ferrand, Filmfare and Jagran.

Known for making films that nudge the audience to rethink social norms, ‘Ved & Arya’ is another heartfelt story that explores the challenges of modern-day dating as the two protagonists carefully navigate the tricky waters without judgement.

Their conversation and understanding of each other’s history forms the crux of this film that is dedicated to learning about, accepting and celebrating love.

Sharanya Rajgopal, Studio Head, Terribly Tiny Talkies mentions,

“For the past few years, our films have focused on telling stories that celebrate relationships in their most authentic versions. Our characters help arouse profound realizations about life and living, providing answers to questions we don’t always look deeply into. With ‘Ved and Arya’, we chose to shift our focus to a night in the life of these two characters and the dynamics of their intense relationship with each other, capturing the challenges of finding love in today’s times. The leads Nakuul and Sanaya breathed life into the characters – we can’t wait for the audience to watch the actors in a never-before-seen avatar. It also happens to be our first collaboration with director Ritesh Menon, whose ability to look at nuance is incredible, second only to the energy he brings to the set and ultimately, on screen. We hope this is the first of many collaborations with all these powerhouse talents that we’ve worked with!”

Sharanya Rajgopal, Studio Head, Terribly Tiny Talkies

Speaking about the association, Nakuul says,

“I have been a fan of TTT’s shorts for a very long time. The idea was to make a film as a part of their property called ‘Streedom’ around International Women’s Day, a cause which I have forever been a champion of. I feel that with ‘Ved & Arya’, it fell in to place in a beautiful manner as we ended up having a great time making it with friends! Albeit our first time working together, Sanaya and I had a great time working with dear friend and storyteller extraordinaire, Ritesh Menon, who has directed the film in association with TTT. Sanaya and I have known each other since much before we both made our TV debuts, hence this simple film was the perfect opportunity for us to partner, as we feel its large-hearted message will resonate with our audience.”

Nakuul Mehta, Actor

Adding to this, Sanaya Irani mentions,

“Working on this film was a fabulous experience. We had so much fun all through. The vibe and the energy of working with such creatively charged minds was incredibly joyful. I’m so glad to be Arya and can’t wait for everyone to see this short film. It’s a sweet film with a big heart. I’m certain this is the beginning to a long work association with TTT.  Also, this project is special for more reasons than one as this film is full of firsts for me, including working with Nakuul who has been a friend for so many years now. And of course, how could I not be part of TTT’s Streedom campaign!”

Sanaya Irani, Actor

In a bid to capture the voice of the modern woman, the first edition of Streedom is a powerful IP that has already reached over 14 million people in the last 12 days and shows that women just have to be themselves to change the world. Aiming to connect with a much wider audience through a powerful story, ‘Ved and Arya’ forms the culmination of the same campaign where audiences watch in awe as Arya (Sanaya Irani) turns up unannounced at Ved’s (Nakuul Mehta’s) home on a Friday night with an agenda. It’s not her usual surprise.

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