Traya provides #HopeForHair with its first-ever TVC featuring Raj Kumar Rao

~The campaign reflects the brand’s commitment, providing a ray of hope to individuals fighting hair fall problems and seeking permanent solutions~

Raj Kumar Rao in Traya Ad

One of the growing concerns amongst youngsters today is hair fall. Although they have tried multiple products like shampoos, oil, serums, etc. the outcome has been unsatisfactory. This absence of any trusted hair loss solution in the market leads to a loss of hope for hair regrowth. To give hope to these individuals, Traya, India’s first-ever hair fall solutions brand that is committed to solving hair fall internally, unveiled a new campaign ‘#HopeForHair’, focused on building awareness amongst people that they should aim at achieving their larger goals in life, leaving their hair fall issues for Traya to solve.


Traya launched its first-ever TVC featuring Raj Kumar Rao to kick-start the campaign. This TVC is the first part of the campaign that focuses on marriage rejections due to hair fall or receding hairline.

The TVC starts with a joyful introduction of two families, where the matchmaker is introducing the groom to the bride’s parents. The excited bride is observing the groom from a distance along with her brother, actor Raj Kumar Rao when she suddenly witnesses the groom’s receding hairline and looks down with disappointment. Offering a helping hand, Rao diverts the bride’s attention towards Traya’s doctor-backed treatment for hair fall. Looking at the assurance offered by the brand with a 93% success rate, the bride begins to feel more hopeful. Subtly, Raj Kumar Rao indicates to the bride that she needs to focus on the inner qualities of the groom and leave the receding hairline for Traya. The blushing bride agrees to take this marriage forward with #HopeForHair.

Speaking on the new campaign, Saloni Anand, Co-founder, Traya said,

“Currently, the market for hair fall products is saturated yet there is no sure-shot solution that customers are confident of, that works. A lot of our customers come to us after trying every product in the market and every home remedy they could find. They consider hair regrowth hopeless. Through this campaign, we want to give hope to more such people who are fighting hair fall. Setting our ad in the context of a marriage proposal, we remind them that all they need to worry about is compatibility and happiness, while Traya’s doctor-backed treatments will take care of their hair. The TVC is just the first part of the campaign, this will be supported by a lot of digital initiatives, channel tie-ups, partnerships and collaborations. We hope this bold move will help boost the confidence of millions of individuals facing hair fall issues.”

With an emotive playout and a powerful storyline, the Traya TVC is set to build awareness amongst the target audience. The brand TVC will be released in Hindi across digital platforms like Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram. The film will also be released on OTT platforms and has already gone live on television pan India. Later, it will be amplified across various digital media and the brand’s web page in Hindi & English.

Watch the new TVC for Traya with Raj Kumar Rao on the link below:

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