Urvashi Rautela: The Global Citizen on FACE Magazine’s Cover

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Urvashi Rautela FACE Magazine Cover Photoshoot January 2022

Urvashi Rautela

Talent along with the will to be extraordinary is a deadly combination and India is one country that has proved to have it, on more than one occasion.

Time and again, Indians have proved to be global achievers. Ending 2021 on one such high was India’s presence at the Miss Universe Pageant 2021.


Not only did Harnaaz Sandhu bring the crown home, but the Judge’s panel had the youngest celebrity judge of Indian onboard – The very glamorous and international superstar Urvashi Rautela.

She has over the years proved herself as an actress, a digital star, and who has made India proud all over,” said FACE’s Managing Editor, Neha Sachar Mittal.

Talking about what she likes to do when she is not busy trotting the globe, pushing boundaries professionally or setting new heights on social media, Urvashi Rautela in an interview with FACE Magazine said,

I can understand more of what’s happening with the contestants and their feelings on stage. I’m very relevant and can relate. This is something very sudden for me. There are only about four to five young judges in the history of Miss Universe. All the other judges were in the age group of over 40- 50 years plus. So, me being a judge at this age was an achievement and also unique because they rarely have an Indian Judge. So what really makes me think is that the confidence they had in me, is truly elating and humbling…


She also speaks excitedly about the latest feather in her cap – her music video Versace Baby with Mohamed Ramadan. This collaboration has created quite a French in the global music scene.

I think it’s kind of nice to do some work internationally, just kind of breaking the boundaries and now not only India, but people know me globally and especially in middle eastern countries with ‘Versace baby’. So I think yeah, it was definitely a fruitful outcome…” said Rautela.


You must be the change you wish to see in the world,” said Mahatma Gandhi, and we at FACE have always strived for the same. Being a global citizen is the future and this collaboration of having the ever-glamorous Urvashi Rautela on our cover, takes us a step closer. “I am very blessed to have the platform of an international magazine backed by a stellar team to execute the dream!” said Harshit Hundet, Founder of FACE Magazine.

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