Veteran Actor Dharmendra Spotted During The Dubbing of His First International Short film ‘Dreamcatcher’

Vantage Point spotted veteran actor Dharmendra during the dubbing of his first International Short film ‘Dreamcatcher’ directed by Santoshh Shivamm.

It is a day to set the celebration in the right tone for story telling through audio-video medium. The entertainment content viewer will see it happening, and happening soon on their digital screen from the person who is been in Industry for more than 6 decades and seen all the colors and evolution of Indian Film industry right from the time of Black & White Film era to Digital content with emerging of new platform. From more than 3 hours long movies to unique storm of Short Film, a lesser duration content to entertain people.

Veteran Actor Dharmendra ji spotted during the dubbing of his first International Short film ‘Dreamcatcher’

The film also has an underlying message and caters for/to the viewers, which is quite relevant to today’s time and its kaleidoscopic virtual realities. The short film, ‘Dreamcatcher’ has another uniqueness that it is a collaboration of Indian and Australian film making companies having actors from Australia Travis Jeffery and Pooja Priyanka who is an Ex-Miss Fiji. Today with the completion of dubbing Dharmendra as an actor, a work well taken up and completed with his phenomenal touch, it was surely a reason to celebrate along with the crew of the short film, ‘Dreamcatcher.’ On the occasion Dharmendra mentioned that, Daughters are as special to their Fathers as Fathers are to them. A Father is every Daughter’s 1st hero, No matter where she is, A Father will always be a Guardian to her, because “Daughters are forever!


Director Santoshh Shivamm feeling content and excitedly said, I’m sure Dharam Ji featuring in a short film carries not only uniqueness but thoughtfulness, too. As a Director, I needed authentication from a senior like Dharam ji’s stature, a legend for this, and lesser duration format. Short films need nurturing and responsible storytelling. It is a blessing that I got this opportunity to work with a living legend. Today is surely a Day and we are working day/night to complete the film since it is a story of techno savvy father with the help of science decodes, that we can have a control on.

The Music Composer Rahul B Seth who is also the writer of this project was present at the occasion to provide his part in the dubbing said, being a father to a daughter myself; I always experience feelings of extreme protectiveness & Guardianship towards her. This is exactly what is conveyed in the Narrative, Dialogues, Music & Lyrics of the film “Dreamcatcher”, where a father is shown to go to any lengths, just to be sure that no harm comes to his daughter with respect to the choices she makes in Life.

In collaboration with the Australian company and having his maiden venture with this short film, Anurag Prasad the co-producer of Dreamcatcher also mentioned that, “Men need to come forward and participate; it is not only the fight alone for females it is also a Men’s part/duty. So here is this story as a short film featuring Dharam ji and we are here together to tell it to the world, to do something!”. We thank our writers Rahul B Seth and director Santoshh Shivamm. I’m a new to industry as Producer and in his entire magnanimity of Dharam Ji, obliged to him working in my first venture. ‘Dreamcatcher’ is a short film that will send out a strong message, the protectiveness and concerned father, a guardian; who would go to any length in order to make sure his daughter never gets hurt in her life and there is a surprise i.e., how?

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