Why is cosmetic treatment a taboo in our country, explains celebrity Dr. Monica Kapoor

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Ours is the country where aesthetic appearance is the parameter for acceptance. This is the reason why showbiz industry is going gaga over the new cool i.e Cosmetic treatment. What’s ironical is that despite the wide popularity, people (actors specifically) resort to denial and prefer to stay tight-lipped.

But why is it treated as a taboo in India?

Well, Dr. Monica Kapoor does not agree with the stated fact and feels that refraining from talking about cosmetic treatment and surgeries have become a fashion. Monica, a renowned name of the cosmetic and aesthetic industry said, “Cosmetic surgeries are not a taboo in our country rather it has become a fashion in Bollywood and glamour industry to refrain from talking about it. Celebrities are in the industry because of their beautiful looks and good physique to a certain extent, and if they get something corrected in their body- which they are not happy about- they hide it from media and other people. The reason is they don’t want people to hype it and make fun of it.”

Celebrity Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr Monica Kapoor

Speaking further, she said, “Also, most of them probably want to show to the world that beauty they have is all God gifted, all natural. Very few people are so courageous that they come in open and discuss the surgeries and treatment they have undergone.”

Saluting the people who gather courage to speak of their flaws and correction treatment they underwent, Monica adds a piece of advice saying, “ I would like to give sincere advice to them that if you get something corrected with the help of medical treatments, do not hesitate in talking about it. In fact, you should boast as much as possible.”

New Age Technology

Owing to the technological advancements, we have so many medical and surgical treatments handy which are boon to this glamour world. In reference to the same, she further asks the people to “promote it as much as possible. Talking about this cosmetic treatments and surgeries would help the people get aware of it so that they can also take advantages of this gift. After all, no one is born perfect,” she stated.

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