Top 50 Photos of Former Miss World Aishwarya Rai

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When you see pictures of Aishwarya Rai its hard to believe that this former Miss World of 1994 who ruled Bollywood and our hearts is 40 years old now. Because, she is just not getting old a bit, she is still as charming, sexy and beautiful as she was years ago.

She got married in 2007 and now she has one daughter as well but she is still gracious and beautiful as she was used to. Truly, she is the face of India in the International film circle.

Vantage Point presents you Top 50 Photos of this gorgeous Diva’s legs. Although, her entire body is amazing and beautiful her well-toned legs always add extra spiciness in her beauty.

Check out all these pictures of her legs in various dresses like the gown, jeans, mini skirt, and hot pants. Share your views in the comments and SHARE her pictures if you are a true fan of this gorgeous diva.

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