5 Reasons why you can’t miss ALTBalaji’s youth drama Puncch Beat Season 2

ALTBalaji’s youth drama Puncch Beat Season 2 dropped on the streaming platform last Sunday and it has been one of the highly anticipated ones of the year.

puncch beat season 2

It’s the weekend! Finally, a time to relax for many who have had a chaotic week. And what better way than to binge-watch an exciting original?

Puncch Beat Season 2

Within a week, the show is already becoming the talk of the town. The show’s first season was trendy and extremely successful amongst the youth and is currently receiving rave reviews for its terrific second installment.

And it won’t be wrong to say that the young crowd is going gaga over the show. Puncch Beat 2 has all the elements to become what is a sure-shot blockbuster.

It has music, mystery and a lot of masalas. And if you are still not convinced or have watched the show yet, let us give you five reasons why you can’t miss season 2 of the extremely popular youth drama.

Rahat – Ranbir’s rivalry

Rahat and Ranbir’s rivalry started in the first season on a juvenile note. However, in the second season, it isn’t just about a trophy or title.

The fight between the two is more than just the championship trophy. Priyank Sharma and Siddharth Sharma give a compelling performance packed with punches and action.

And the second season is entirely based on their contention and friction.

The Mysterious Murder

For the unversed, Puncch Beat 2 is not just about Music and Masti but also about mystery. The second season also involves a murder mystery.

And when the mystery is unveiled, the viewers will be at the edge of their seats. You won’t be disappointed for sure. So if you don’t want the entire experience to get spoiled, watch it right away.

High-School Lane

Puncch Beat 2 will take you back to your high-school days. Irrespective of whichever generation you are from, you’d be tripping on the nostalgia while watching the show’s episodes.

Whether it is the fresher’s party, college fest or the redundant rules we all had to comply to in our college days – all are powerfully evocative.

The New Entries

Right from Samyuktha Hegde to Anuj Choudhry, the fresh cast members of the show bring novelty in the second season. You’ll have several new favourites.

Urfi Javed, Pobby Jabbal, Mrinmai Kolwalkar add freshness in the season. But, out of the new lot, Anuj impresses the most.

The Technical aspect

Directed by Akshay Choubey, Puncch Beat 2 takes us to the scenic locales of Dehradun, and it takes us to the valleys and the high mountains.

The cinematography by Shanu Singh Rajput, and his highly efficient team of DOP, is commendable. They keep you tuned to the characters and the screenplay all the time.

One can’t undermine Rahu Kurup and Prem Kumar’s production design. The richness of a high-class family, the exoticness of the venue, and at the same time, the passive experience that they create during the training sessions and in the boxing ring need an ovation.

So without any further ado, head to the ALTBalaji app and binge-watch the 13 episodes of the youth drama.

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