Amika Shail’s ‘Khunnas’ on Revenge Crimes

Khunnas – Violence against women is a problem across the World. It affects women of all races, ethnic groups, classes, and nationalities.


It cuts across educational, socio-economic, cultural, and religious barriers, impeding the right of women to participate fully in society.

The violence takes a dismaying variety of forms, all of which are violations of the most fundamental human rights.

Actress Amika Shail is a part of one such web series titled ‘Khunnas’ which premiered on the Indian OTT platform Ullu.

Commenting on the subject Amika exclaimed,

“Our country is a hotbed of revenge and hate crimes against women. There is weak law enforcement. Violence against women can be domestic, public, physical, emotional, or mental. Surprisingly in most of the cases, the accused are the persons known to the victim. Generally, it is assumed that a big threat for women is from an unknown person than a familiar one, but the fact is the opposite. Women are not safe among the people they know well. Also, most of the cases in India are not reported.”

Revenge and hate crimes have a pattern and they are mostly incited due to disputes over love, money, or land – these crimes are easy to crack, but also difficult to prevent as the perpetrators leave a lot of clues behind.

“I gave my nod for the series knowing the subject. I feel it is difficult but not impossible to prevent such hate crimes. Every member of society – be it teachers, medical professionals, advocates, policy, government, judiciary, etc. have an important role to play in educating everyone with sensitivity about such crimes. One must always have full faith in the country’s judicial system and must not take law into his own hands at any cost. With this series I believe we would be successful even if we can prevent a few such crimes” said Amika as she signed

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