Anushka Sharma’s Expressions from Sui Dhaaga Turns into Viral Memes

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As soon the trailer of Anushka Sharma and Varun Dhawan starrer ‘Sui Dhaaga‘ was released, a scene, where the ‘Pari’ actor can be seen crying, became viral memes on the social media.

In order to make their posts hilarious; several Twitter users captioned the scene, depicting different situations.

Twitterati particularly seem to be hooked to a scene where Anushka Sharma is seen in tears and now they can’t stop captioning it for various situations. But it’s not just Sharma alone, the lead actor too has got his fair share in this meme craze.

Tweeters transferred Anushka’s crying the scene in various mundane activities of life, from classroom to cab pick-up point, from examination hall to local train commute. The various (hilarious) interpretations of the scene perfectly fit the scenario and without any more talking, you should check these memes out.

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