The enchanting teleplay of Drama and Relationships- Dance Like A Man on Privé Theatre!

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Dance Like A Man on Privé Theatre

&PrivéHD is known to bring the best of movies to Indian audiences. And now, to keep the love for theatre alive amongst viewers, the channel is partnering with Zee Theatre to bring acclaimed and well-loved teleplays from various epochs on its property, Privé Theatre. Zee Theatre, which has been at the forefront of archiving, curating and airing the best of Indian theatre will join hands with Privé Theatre this Friday, 14th October, at 9 pm to bring acclaimed drama, ‘Dance Like A Man’ to Indian television screens.

Apart from ‘Dance Like A Man’, Privé Theatre will also bring a diverse range of  teleplays to the audience including ‘Lights Out’, a story about gender violence that unfolds in the living room of an ordinary, middle class family and the musical, ‘Between The Lines’ which showcases the life of Delilah , an outsider in a new school, who seeks comfort in the pages of her favourite book, where she feels heard and understood. In the pipeline are also engaging dramas like ‘Bombed’, ‘The Job’, ‘Internal Affairs’ and ‘The Relationship Agreement’.

Shailja Kejriwal, the Chief Creative Officer, Zee Special Projects shares,

“We are happy that Privé has joined our mission of bringing contemporary stories on Indian television. This synergy, I hope will not just help Zee Theatre and Privé to grow together but also expand the reach of teleplays that deserve to be watched by theatre lovers as well as aficionados. With clutter-breaking narratives like ‘Dance Like A Man,’ we hope to bring the best of Indian theatre to the audiences in the comfort of their homes. ‘Dance Like A Man’ with its complex themes of artistic jealousy, parental control and the struggle for self-expression, is just a window into the plethora of emotions we hope to bring to the viewers.”

‘Dance Like A Man’ is penned by Sahitya Akedemi winning playwright Mahesh Dattani, and tells the fascinating story of Jairaj and Ratna, two Bharatanatyam dancers past their prime who are witnessing the rising career graph of their daughter Lata. Lata is on the brink of establishing herself as a brilliant dancer and her imminent success creates tension and jealousy. The audience is then drawn into the dark secrets of family relationships and conflicts between generations. The teleplay deals with the dogma of being a man in the 1940s of the Indian society. Although the story revolves around a dancer couple and their family, the teleplay also addresses societal prejudices, gender politics and much more. The teleplay stars Lillete Dubey, Vijay Crishna, Suchitra Pillai and Joy Sengupta. So, what are you waiting for? Watch this classic now on your Television screens only on &PrivéHD.

Don’t miss the drama of relationships on Dance Like A Man this Friday, 14 October at 9pm only on &PrivéHD. 

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