Baba vs. Baba only on MTV Beats Baba Ki Chowki – SANJU SPECIAL

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Much loved for impersonating  Sanjay Dutt on small screen, Dr. Sanket Bhosle adopts Sanjay Dutt’s mannerism and style on MTV Beats’ Baba Ki Chowki flawlessly. He portrays himself as “BABA” (i.e. Sanjay Dutt), one could vouch for him as the real Baba if not personally than over the phone, but now we have Kapoor khandaan ka chiraag, giving Sanket a tough competition.

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So this is what happened when Baba met Baba

  • Ranbir reveals how Sanket helped him in his initial days to get into the skin of Sanjay Dutt’s character for the biopic

“Mujhe yaad hai jab mein yeh film start kar raha tha, ek bohat hi kamaal ka talent hai, Dr. Sanket toh unke saath mein mlila, woh uthni acchi tara baba ki copy karte the, aur unho ne bohat sare advises deye ke mein baba se kaise juud sakta joon, unaki personality se.”

  • Ranbir also mentioned that, If there is a web series made on Sanjay Dutt’s life, he hopes that he gets an opportunity to play the title role again
  • Ranbir talks about the jail story which was narrated to him by Sanjay Dutt where Sanjay Dutt used to talk to ants (who were his co-prisoners during his jail time) and how he understood the value of family by noticing them (ants). Also he had a pet rat in the jail
  • Ranbir also spoke about how he had already started working on his character of ‘SANJU’ when he was shooting for “Jagga Jasoos”, so it was a task for him to get out of Sanju’s mannerism while enacting as Jagga Jasoos
  • Ranbir revealed that while he enjoyed the entire journey of portraying Sanju but the toughest two phases were the drug phase and how he got out of it and the other his jail stay

“Maja toh puri film mein aaya but I think do phases jo mushkil the ek toh jo drug phase tha aapka (referring to Sanket as Sanjay Dutt) or aap nikle kaise or phir jail mein aapne time guzzara toh I think yeh phases the” 

Watch BABA KI CHOWKI all day on 29th June 2018 before you go to a theater near you!

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