TRA’s Most Desired Personality list 2020

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TRA’s Most Desired Personalities list has ranked Amitabh Bachchan as India’s Most Desired Personality 2020. Salman Khan is ranked 2nd followed by Akshay Kumar at 3rd position among the top 25 Desired Personalities listed in the report.

Table of Contents

01. Amitabh Bachchan

02. Salman Khan

03. Akshay Kumar

Indian National Cricket team captain, Virat Kohli, is ranked 4th in the list to become the Most Desired Cricketer this year.  Aamir Khan, is India’s 5th Most Desired Personality in 2020 as per TRA’s report.

04. Virat Kohli

05. Aamir Khan

TRA’s Most Desired Personalities 2020 is the sixth in its series, and the list is arrived at through primary research based on TRA’s proprietary 36-Attribute based Desire Matrix through face-to-face interviews with 1454 viewer-influencers across 14 Indian cites.

07. Sachin Tendulkar

N. Chandramouli, CEO, TRA Research, observed, “TRA’s Desire Matrix measures 36 attributes of Desire that get deeply embedded into the subconscious of the audiences over time.  It measures the Aspirational, Emotional, Rational and Communication aspects of desire that audiences most relate with. In this year’s list of the top 25, 19 male and 6 female personalities are the audiences’ choices. Old proves to be gold when it comes to India’s Most Desired Personalities.”

09. MS Dhoni

The CEO of the brand insights and research company further added, “Desire is the most fundamental of human expressions and is generated due to subliminally embedded psycho-socio-cultural inputs that audiences receive overtime. This list of personalities is a precursor to the soon-to-be released TRA’s Most Desired Brands 2020 which lists India’s 1000 top brands measured on TRA’s proprietary Desire Matrix”. The research company also publishes TRA’s Brand Trust Report currently in its 10th edition.

15. Rajnikanth

19. Ram Charan

22. Ravi Teja

23. Lata Mangeshkar

South Indian superstars, Rajnikanth (ranked 15th all-India), Ram Charan (ranked 19th all-India) and Ravi Teja (ranked 22nd all-India) are also listed among the top 25 Desired Personalities this year. Among the three cricketers listed, Virat Kohli leads, Sachin Tendulkar ranks 2nd (ranked 7th all-India) M.S. Dhoni ranks 2nd (ranked 9th all-India). Lata Mangeshkar’s timeless songs have ranked her as the only singer in this list (ranked all-India 23rd)

About TRA Research   

TRA Research, a Comniscient Group company, was conceived in 2008 and is a brand strategy and actionable brand insights company, dedicated to understanding and analyzing stakeholder Buying Propensity.

Buying Propensity, made up of Brand Trust and Brand Attractiveness are the proprietary brand matrices of TRA. TRA conducts primary syndicated research with consumers and other stakeholders to assist business decisions and give brands insights improving their ‘keenness-to-buy.

TRA provides Brand Intelligence Reports mined from its 30 million data-points on brand intangibles of 20,000 brands collected over the years, and also undertakes custom-made studies for brands. TRA is the publisher of The Brand Trust Report, India’s Most Attractive Brands and India’s Most Consumer Focused Brands. 

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