Aan Tiwari as Bal Shiv and Siddharth Arora as Mahadev in &TV’s ‘Bal Shiv’

Aan Tiwari as Bal Shiv and Siddharth Arora as Mahadev in &TV’s Bal Shiv TV Show. It will depict the untold mythical Katha of the Mother & Son.

Bal Shiv TV Show

Of all the fascinating stories on the legend of Lord Shiva and his various avatars, one story that has never been told before is the story of Bal Shiv and his Bal Roop. 

&TV now gears up to present for the first time on Indian television an unheard and untold story of Lord Shiva’s bal roop, with its new mythological fiction show, ‘Bal Shiv’.

Essaying the role of Bal Shiv in the show will be the child artist, Aan Tiwari, who is all set to mesmerize the audience. As for the grown-up avatar of Mahadev, well-known television actor Siddharth Arora has been roped to essay the character.  

Sharing his excitement on portraying Bal Shiv, little Aan Tiwari says,

I am very happy to be a part of the show. Lord Shiv is my most favourite deity. I know a few of his mantras by heart and can recite them effortlessly. I am enjoying all the love and attention; the production team pampers me a lot. All my family and friends are thrilled. We are still getting a lot of congratulatory calls, and it feels nice.” 

Elaborating on his role as MahadevSiddharth Arora says,

I have this eternal belief that one doesn’t choose Mahadev’s role. But Mahadev chooses you. It has come to me as a blessing from Him! So, It is obvious how blessed I feel to have been chosen to essay Mahadev’s character. It is not the typical depiction of what the audience has seen before. Viewers will get to see a Shiv full of compassion.

However, this role comes with a lot of responsibility. It requires a lot of preparation, research, and hard work. I have been taking three routes to understand and play the character of Shiv: Physically by working out, Mentally by meditation and pranayama and Soulfully by trying to be more compassionate in real life.  I hail from Benaras, the land of spirituality, and Shivji has been a huge part of my life. In Benaras, when we greet friends and relatives, we say Mahadev. Shiv Ji’s influence in my life has been subconscious, deep-rooted in our culture. I am pursuing my craft by portraying Shiv Ji himself. What more I can ask!”  

Lord Shiva had taken several avatars but had never experienced childhood and a mother’s love. Produced by Zee StudiosBal Shiv will depict the untold mythical Katha of the mother and son’s (Mahasati Anusuya and Bal Shiv’s) eternal bond through exploring various chapters of his childhood and self-discovery.  

Stay tuned to know more on ‘Bal Shiv’, coming soon only on &TV! 

Trailer of Bal Shiv

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