I did this SPIN Disney movie for my nephews & nieces: Abhay Deol

Bollywood actor Abhay Deol said “I did this SPIN Disney movie for my nephews & nieces. An Independence Day special will release on 15 August.

Abhay Deol in the Movie SPIN

With the changing times and evolving tastes of audiences, creators have been focusing more on what kind of content they want to produce and what message they want to convey through their stories.

Movies are not just entertainment but are often seen as a representation of many voices who want to feel belonged. Disney’s upcoming original Spin is one such movie.

Starring Abhay Deol as a father to a teenage girl played by Avantika, the movie highlights various topics such as the representation of South Asians, family, and more.

When asked about why he chose to do the film Abhay said, 

“I loved the script, but more than anything else what came out the most was the fact that this was Disney’s first film based on an Indian American family. I have my sisters, nephews and nieces growing up there and I felt this is an important film for them.  If only they saw it growing up, they would’ve felt that they belong”

Abhay Deol

“The fact that Disney was taking the lead in producing diversifying content was exciting. Disney peeled through and unravelled many layers and they did it in this beautiful, simple way,” he further added.

An Independence Day special, “Spin” will premiere at 12 pm on Disney International HD and Disney+ Hotstar Premium on August 15th, 2021

Spin | Disney Channel Original Movie | Disney Channel

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