Burger King pulls a Stunner Jugaad on Hrithik Roshan

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~Launches new #EkDumPachaas campaign for its everyday Stunner Menu at just Rs.50~ Burger King pulls a Stunner Jugaad on Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan

Burger King India has been buzzing on social networks for their Jugaad Video in which they pranked superstar, Hrithik Roshan. A well-timed Rs.50 Stunner Menu banner behind an unsuspecting Hrithik is all it took Burger King to create an iconic Ad Poster and a hilarious “How we did it!” video which is leaving everyone in splits.

But, Burger King has just begun. As part of their new #EkDumPachaas Campaign, Burger King India has also released three TVCs pranking Hrithik Roshan, catching Hrithik off guard and using his reactions to promote their everyday Rs.50 Stunner Menu.

Besides the TVCs, Burger King’s Jugaad on Hrithik Roshan will unfold hilarious Gifs, Memes, and more Content to follow. In their defense, Burger King maintains that they are giving great value in the Rs. 50 Stunner Menu and hence had no other option but to trick Hrithik into generating content for them.

With burgers, wraps, volcano, and more in the Stunner Menu, and all at flat Rs.50, the brand promises a variety of food formats and flavors for everyone. The Stunner Menu also has a range of chicken products, all at a flat Rs.70.

The #EkDumPachaas campaign has been launched with a 360 media plan starting with the Jugaad Video on paparazzi, entertainment and social media pages. With TV & Digital kicking in, the quirky and funny content can be watched across major channels, social media, OTT, audio streaming, news, and mobile lock screen platforms.

The campaign is designed to bring conflict and subsequent resolution between Burger King and Hrithik Roshan wherein finally Hrithik bites into the Rs.50 Stunner Menu only to respond with “Fantastic!”

Speaking about the campaign, Kapil Grover, Chief Marketing Officer at Burger King India, said,

“At Burger King India, we are always discovering new ways to engage with our Gen Z & millennial guests. A never-before, celebrity hack style content, based on the insight of the “Great Indian Jugaad” became the tenet of our #EkDumPachaas campaign. The campaign not only fits our real and authentic filter of communication but also beautifully personifies our Hackvertising mindset, all keeping our TG in sight. #EkDumPachaas is a new age campaign on new age media for our guests who are constantly pushing the boundaries of content.”

Prashant Sukhwani, Head of Brand & Communication at Burger King India, said

“Burger King’s core lies in being real and authentic. Hence, to bring a celebrity in the Burger King brand world required extreme caution and consideration. We are happy to collaborate with Hrithik Roshan, the personality, who has brought in his real reactions and emotions in our #EkDumPachaas campaign. We hope this style of marketing content is enjoyed by our guests leading to more cutting-edge work from us.”

Speaking on the campaign, Bollywood Superstar, Hrithik Roshan, said,

“It was a total treat to be part of the Stunner Menu campaign with Burger King. We had a lot of fun shooting for it.”

Vikram Pandey, National Creative Director & Pravin Sutar, Head of Creative, Leo Burnett Orchard, said,

“Typically celebs are used in a campaign holding the product in their hand and rattling off the reasons to believe. But this was Burger King, and we had to do things differently. Hacking is part of the brand DNA and thus, came the idea of ‘what if we hack Hrithik Roshan into featuring in our ads!’ The value proposition was built right into the idea. And unlike regular campaigns we choose to break it via paparazzis posting the content to make it feel absolutely genuine.”

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